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  • Blangé is the white "side" of Piedmont, produced from pure Arneis grapes, which has revolutionized the way of making wine in the Langhe, historically suited to the cultivation of red berried grapes. Born in the Roero area in the north-east of the province of Cuneo, it's an organic wine that wants to affirm its identity, between sustainability and pleasantness.

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  • The Brandhof Pinot Noir Domaine Gresser is a pinot noir with notes of red fruit typical of the variety and with a very elegant texture of tannins. A pleasant wine that can be easily combined with many dishes.

    17,87 €
  • The Brandhof Pinot Gris Domaine Gresser is a complex and broad pinot grigio with hints of undergrowth and dried fruit. A wine produced from 40-year-old vines that yield rich grapes for a level pinot grigio.

    17,87 €
  • Riesling Duttenberg Domaine Gresser is a great expression of Alsatian Riesling with distinctly fruity hints with balance and minerality. A wine produced with the heart in harmony with the territory.

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  • The Chianti Classico "Filetta di Lamole" is a red wine of good freshness that comes from Sangiovese grapes grown on the extraordinary Filetta vineyards at about 600 meters above sea level. Aged for 24 months in large barrels, it reveals an intense and refined profile, with a tonic, fresh and precise sip, enriched by a rich aromatic set of violets, currants, aromatic herbs, licorice and spices.

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  • A combination of the power of Sagrantino and the elegance of Sangiovese, the Montefalco Rosso from Tenuta Castelbuono expresses all the charm of a region with an age-old winemaking tradition.

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  • The Marchesa Mariabella Massimago is complex wine, fragrant and lively. The notes of cherry and wild strawberries give immediacy, authenticity and recall the first homemade cherry jams.

    15,16 €
  • Massimago Amarone della Valpolicella is the maximum expression of a long and constant confrontation between man and nature. The verticality, fullness and complexity of its line are reminiscent of the purity of traditional Amarone and the best way to savor it is by sharing it with your closest friends.

    37,70 €
  • The Brut Nature Château Rioublanc is a very pleasant bubble from beyond the Alps, a cremant that winks at champagne, and offers a refreshing and fun experience. From the bitter finish.

    14,34 €
  • Red label Habemus San Giovenale is a highly successful organic red, as well as included in the top 100 Italian wines. Rich, broad, concentrated and voluminous, with great character and structure, to be tried at least once in a lifetime.

    79,51 €
  • Rosso San Giovenale is a wine with a strong personality, identifiable in the power of the fruit. With its scents of wild berries in syrup or in alcohol and the sweet notes of withering alongside the woody spiciness, in a warm, pleasant direct body and the caressing tannins that unite the San Giovenale labels.

    26,23 €
  • Habemus San Giovenale is a solid reality, a point of arrival and departure for the quality wine of the entire Lazio region, round and impenetrable, with a velvety and caressing tactility. An excellence recognized by all sector critics. not just a sensory experience of a great level, but a new story, a pioneering action.

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