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  • Krafuss is Alois Lageder's Pinot Noir with a rich nose with a bouquet of fruity notes, spices, and flint and with an elegance and persuasion like few Pinot Noirs can offer.

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  • Löwengang Alois Lageder is a Chardonnay that with its accentuated reflections and a full bouquet and vigorous body in the 80s was the first South Tyrolean white wine to conquer international taste!

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  • The Regius of the Giangirolami company is an intense and fresh white wine from Lazio, which releases hints of exotic fruit and aromas of lumps. It is an organic wine; in fact, his company has been using a natural cultivation method since 1993, both for treatments and for fertilization. Regius is a pleasant blend of flavors that comes from the union of Viognier, Sauvignon and Chardonnay grapes.

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  • The Blanc de Noirs Brut Nature produced by Maison Durdon Bouval is a Champagne with a bright straw yellow color, with a fine froth and an abundant perlage, the nose is round and fruity, inside it mixes notes of green apples and yellow fruits such as mango and apricots. The finish is long and remarkably persistent.

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  • Il Meriggio, is a product of the Fotondi winery, with a straw yellow color, it is a wine that on the nose expresses elegant fruity scents, intense notes of white flowers that gradually post to delicate spicy notes. In the mouth it has a marked acidity, a high freshness and an extremely long and persistent finish.

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  • The Chianti Classico "Filetta di Lamole" is a red wine of good freshness that comes from Sangiovese grapes grown on the extraordinary Filetta vineyards at about 600 meters above sea level. Aged for 24 months in large barrels, it reveals an intense and refined profile, with a tonic, fresh and precise sip, enriched by a rich aromatic set of violets, currants, aromatic herbs, licorice and spices.

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  • Malvasia di Lipari DOC Passito is a wine with a bright amber color, intense hints of dried flowers and apricot on the nose, in the mouth it is extremely sweet and full with an excellent structure.

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  • Ubaldo Rosi is a Brut Metodo Classico Riserva from Cantina Colonnara, an intense, fresh and penetrating wine, particularly fine, with a clear fragrance of bread crust and laurel flowers, in the mouth it is dry and full-bodied, the finish is very long and very persistent .

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  • Tùfico from the Colonnara winery is an intense straw yellow color wine with delicate greenish reflections, the nose is broad and fruity with floral notes that recall pineapple, peach and hazelnut, in the mouth it is extremely dry and soft, tasty and with a very long persistence.

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  • Colonnara Cuvée Metodo Classico Brut is a high quality organic product. Wine characterized by a straw yellow and delicate aromas, fresh and defined, in the mouth it is soft and balanced with a very persistent and pleasant finish.

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  • The Poggio della Costa of the Sergio Mottura winery is a wine with an intense straw yellow color with light golden reflections, on the nose deep hints of yellow flowers and tropical fruit, with light mineral notes and toasted hazelnut. in the mouth it is extremely fresh and with a long persistence.

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  • Il Latour a Civitella prodotto dalla cantina Sergio Mottura, è un vino dal colore giallo paglierino, con riflessi dorati, al naso risulta un vino complesso ed elegante con sottili sapori legnosi di frutta bianca, agrumi, borro caldo e nocciola. In bocca è fresco e vellutato con un persistente finale di miele e di vaniglia.

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