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  • Les Schistes is a Muscadet de Sèvre et Maine, a dry white wine obtained from the Melon de Bourgugne grape produced in the Loire Valley on the Atlantic side of France by the Chateau de la Ragotiere winery. Straw yellow in color. it's characterized by floral and white fruit aromas with strong mineral notes that pleasantly take advantage of the palate.

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  • Chablis is one of the best known French wines of Burgundy, and that of the Domaine Sébastien Dampt winery preserves the ancient tradition of this renowned region dedicated to viticulture. It has a straw yellow color with greenish reflections, and delicate aromas of white fruits and citrus fruits. On the palate the typical and lively acidity stands out, with pleasant mineral notes.

    23,00 €
  • Among the most famous and important Chablis Maison Producers, very representative that already with Saint Pierre demonstrates the ability to express a territory and its history.

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  • Brumont blanc perfectly combines the structure and freshness of Gros Manseng with the fruity aromas of Sauvignon. Great expression of a terroir with a temperate oceanic climate with Mediterranean inclinations.

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  • Pouilly Fumé De Ladoucette is the Sauvignon of the famous French maison with remarkable mineral and fruity notes. A good white wine for aperitif or to accompany tasty fish risotto.

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  • The Pouilly Fumé Baron de L by maison De Ladoucette is an exceptional french white wine produced only in the best vintages. An extremely complex Sauvignon, elegant and powerful, with indisputable and universally recognized quality.

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  • Legend has it that the superb and smooth juice from the 1976 vintage remained for 10 years of their fine lees. 10 years of rest, becoming ever richer, smoother, more mineral, ripe citrus fruit, spices, stones…

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  • A Chablis of all respect. At the first sampling, you notice a definite and pleasant presence right away.

    20,50 €
  • The careful selection in the vineyard, the use of gravity for all the winemaking phases, along with the attentive care necessary for maturing "sur lie" (on yeasts), ensure the great quality of Henri Bourgeois wines.

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  • A tough selection of the finest grapes of Premiers and Grands Crus, all coming from vineyards for over 30 years, gives this magnificent Chardonnay of great complexity, which will only with years express its enormous potential.

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