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  • Ubaldo Rosi is a Brut Metodo Classico Riserva from Cantina Colonnara, an intense, fresh and penetrating wine, particularly fine, with a clear fragrance of bread crust and laurel flowers, in the mouth it is dry and full-bodied, the finish is very long and very persistent .

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  • Tùfico from the Colonnara winery is an intense straw yellow color wine with delicate greenish reflections, the nose is broad and fruity with floral notes that recall pineapple, peach and hazelnut, in the mouth it is extremely dry and soft, tasty and with a very long persistence.

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  • Colonnara Cuvée Metodo Classico Brut is a high quality organic product. Wine characterized by a straw yellow and delicate aromas, fresh and defined, in the mouth it is soft and balanced with a very persistent and pleasant finish.

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  • Colonnara Cuvée Tradition Brut Sparkling Wine is an organic product of high quality. Straw yellow wine with delicate aromas, with slight floral hints of acacia, mimosa and yellow flowers, and some fruity notes of mandola and peach.

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  • Pecorino by Fazi Battaglia is a straw yellow colored wine with an intense bouquet of green apple enriched with herbaceous notes. In the mouth it is fresh, savory and crunchy with a decidedly mineral finish.

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  • Titulus is the Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi icon of the Fazi Battaglia winery, with its renewed and unmistakable bottle in the shape of an amphora. The color is a straw yellow with greenish reflections, while on the nose there are fruity aromas of pear, apple and anise and broom flowers. In the mouth it is fresh, pleasantly savory and mineral with an almond finish that envelops the palate.

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  • Class Dolce is a sparkling wine produced with the Martinotti Method, or Charmat, from Muscat grapes, ideal to accompany fruit and desserts. It shows a lively straw yellow, a rich, fine and persistent perlage. On the nose, hints of muscat grapes, sage and honey prevail, and in the mouth it is sweet, fresh and persistent.

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  • Sangiovese Fattorie Morantico is a wine produced in the Marche hills, with an intense ruby ​​red color and a bouquet of red fruits, among which hints of cherry and black cherry stand out. In the mouth it's sapid, with a pleasant softness and a good balance.

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  • The Pecorino Fattorie Morantico is a straw yellow wine with a fragrant bouquet of white flowers and tropical fruit. On the palate it's appreciated the good acidity, the pleasant freshness and the good drink. It goes perfectly with appetizers and fish first courses, as well as with fish-based dishes with structured flavors and white meats.

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  • Cuprese is an organic wine that represents the true symbol of the Colonnara winery, it perfectly embodies the character of the Verdicchio grape. It shows a straw yellow with greenish reflections, tending to golden with aging. On the nose initially fruity and floral hints stand out, then leave room for complex notes of flint. On the palate it's full-bodied and balanced.

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  • This Marche Bianco Fattorie Morantico is a still wine with a straw yellow color and a fragrant bouquet of flowers and white fruit. In the mouth it's clean, soft, and drinkable. Ideal with appetizers, fish-based first courses and white meats.

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  • Lacrima comes from the hills surrounding the village of Morro d'Alba in the Marche region from the autochthonous vine of the same name that was already renowned in 1167 when Federico Barbarossa besieged Ancona. Its color is a purple red with violet reflections, while the nose is characterized by the aromas of berries. In the mouth it's dry and savory, with a good softness and harmonious taste.

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