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  • Rum 1824 is produced in a limited series and represents the spearhead of Angostura production. It has an amber color with gold and copper reflections, and an intense bouquet of wood, beeswax, incense and plum jam. In the mouth it's warm and enveloping, aromas of tropical fruit in syrup stand out which are accompanied by notes of vanilla and nutmeg, with slight hints of almond on the finish.

    56,97 €
  • Rum Angostura 1919 is a special and award-winning blend that has a very clear gold color, and a fragrant bouquet of vanilla, caramel, honey and hot butter to which notes of leather, tobacco and cocoa are added. In the mouth it's soft, and releases a complex taste made of toasted aromas, coffee beans, tobacco and then close on hints of hazelnut, almond and cinnamon.

    40,57 €