Fattoria Morantico

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  • Sangiovese Fattorie Morantico is a wine produced in the Marche hills, with an intense ruby ​​red color and a bouquet of red fruits, among which hints of cherry and black cherry stand out. In the mouth it's sapid, with a pleasant softness and a good balance.

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  • The Pecorino Fattorie Morantico is a straw yellow wine with a fragrant bouquet of white flowers and tropical fruit. On the palate it's appreciated the good acidity, the pleasant freshness and the good drink. It goes perfectly with appetizers and fish first courses, as well as with fish-based dishes with structured flavors and white meats.

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  • This Marche Bianco Fattorie Morantico is a still wine with a straw yellow color and a fragrant bouquet of flowers and white fruit. In the mouth it's clean, soft, and drinkable. Ideal with appetizers, fish-based first courses and white meats.

    4,51 €