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  • The 100 day wine from the Massimo Abbate winery has a straw yellow color with golden reflections; It has a fine and persistent perlage. Aromatic nose, intensely floral and fruity, with hints of peach, apricot and orange blossom. On the palate it is fresh, lively and pleasantly sweet with a light minerality.

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  • Moscato d'Asti "Black"  Enrico Serafino winery is a product with a straw yellow color with golden reflections, with a fine and persistent perlage. On the nose the aromas are complex and open with hints of citrus fruit, honey and rose. In the mouth there is a good balance between sweetness and acidity, with a long fruity and mineral finish.

    13,85 €
  • A wine famous throughout the world that Braida by Piemonte offers in an even more refined and prestigious guise. Vigna senza nome is a straw yellow wine with a consistent foam and a rich perlage. On the nose the aromas are of fresh fruit that intertwine with floral notes of orange blossom and rose. On the palate it is sweet, delicious and persistent.

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  • The Cascina Chicco Arcass takes its name from the "ricaccio" athletic gesture of the "Balon" traditional game of the Roero hills. A beautiful light amber color and a rich nose with clear hints of dried fruit such as dates, figs, acacia honey and citrus.

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  • Birbet Cascina Chicco is a partially fermented must that is lively, pleasant with a delicate sweetness, soft and with hints of fresh red and pink fruit. Perfect with desserts or fresh fruit. It is the wine of the traditionally liked by the "roerine females".

    9,84 €
  • The Spumante d'Asti Dolce from the I Vignaioli di Santo Stefano winery is a product with a vibrant straw yellow color with slightly golden nuances, the nose expresses floral hints of lime, and delicate notes of white pulp peach. In the mouth it is pleasantly sweet and of medium persistence.

    13,52 €
  • The Moscato d'Asti Bel Piano by Cascina Fonda farm was the first wine bottled by the winery in 1988. It has a bright straw yellow with slight green reflections, and an intense bouquet of muscat grapes, acacia flowers and lime. In the mouth it is sweet and delicate but counterbalanced by a pleasant sapidity, with references to the olfactory fruity sensations.

    9,75 €
  • Moscato d'Asti is the dessert wine par excellence. It has a straw yellow color and a fine and elegant perlage, while the nose is fruity and particularly persistent. In the mouth the sweetness is accompanied by an aromatic vein, with the right amount of acidity that goes well with the low alcohol content.

    13,52 €
  • Barolo Chinato is a flavored wine produced from a Barolo base with the addition of sugar, ethyl alcohol and a range of spices. Intense ruby ​​red color, and bouquet characterized by balsamic notes of cinchona, gentian, rhubarb. In the mouth it's soft and warm, with a hint of bitterness and a pleasant final persistence.

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  • The Anarchia Costituzionale is the partially fermented must most loved by those who love wine. Nice pleasant and balanced dessert and do not forget that the signature is by Walter Massa.

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  • A sweet and thirst-quenching Malvasia: the terroir in which it is born, in the lower Monferrato, is of particular importance for fragrant and full-bodied wines. Malvasia di Castelnuovo Don Bosco is a delight for the palate at the end of a meal, with fresh desserts, ice creams and lemon cakes.

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  • The red sweet sparkling wine born in 2000. The roses scent and the lively foam call to the mind red fruits, desserts and cocktails as from a romantic landscape picture, very appreciated  from women for its red ruby, brilliant and charming colour. Thanks to its fresh, bubbling and velvety tasting warm the hearts and the friendship meetings.

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