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  • From the oldest vineyard in the region, Urban is an excellent wine produced by an oenological project that represents the work of 300 vintners tied to this land for generations, capable of expressing all the elegance and the incomparable scents of a unique terroir, experience and local rural culture, always intimately linked to the mountains, nature and rhythms.

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  • “Filari di Mazzon” is a Pinot noir grown on the Mazzon hill where natureclayey and calcareous soil, are an excellent prerequisite for the production of a savory, round, finely tannic and fruity Pinot Noir with notes of raspberry and cassis

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  • The Pinot Noir Turmhof Tiefenbrunner is a wine with a very particular finesse, the result of a perfect combination of vine and soil, rightfully entered into the local tradition, which maximizes the territorial expressiveness not only of this wine, but of all those signed Tiefenbrunner.

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  • Schiava Merus Tiefenbrunner is a red in which pleasant freshness and varietal character are the cornerstones of one of the favorite products of everyday life. Which flaunts its origin with pride and typicality.

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  • Lafóa Pinot Noir is an incredibly full of character, pleasant, charismatic, authentic wine, and with a strong character. A wine of great international success, which has a great future ahead of it.

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  • The Marzemino gentile Vallarom is a historical Trentino variety that turns into a very soft and elegant red wine with floral notes and very fine and elegant tannins.

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  • Pinot Nero Vallarom, produced in Vallegarina in the province of Trento, is elegant and soft, only as a Trentino pinot noir can be, complex and rich in fascinating scents, made "as it once was" with artisanal methods by Filippo and Barbara dell ' Vallarom family business.

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  • Elena Walch is a leading Alto Adige wine estate, in family hands, and belongs to the elite in Italian wine production, with international success. Elena Walch – the wine style is as elegant as the name. Encouraging quality and innovation, Elena Walch stood at the head of the Alto Adige quality revolution and has gained local and international esteem for her efforts.

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  • Krafuss is Alois Lageder's Pinot Noir with a rich nose with a bouquet of fruity notes, spices, and flint and with an elegance and persuasion like few Pinot Noirs can offer.

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  • Alois Lageder's Pinot Noir is a wine that stays true to what the vine is able to give without too much forcing, with a ruby red color tending to garnet and hints of red fruits, freshness and velvet on the palate as only Pinot Noir can be.

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  • Lagrein is a wine with an intense ruby ​​red color, a delicate aroma with typical hints of red fruit such as blackberries and currants, and a floral note of violet, in the mouth it remains rich and juicy, with an intense structure and a slightly spicy finish. .

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  • It was Archduke John of Austria who introduced Cabernet to Alto Adige, although it needs rather high temperatures to ripen properly. Dark garnet red color, intense aromas of red currant and herbaceous notes on the nose. On the palate it is structured edotato of soft tannins.

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