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  • The Chianti Classico of the Castellare di Castellina winery is produced in the heart of Chianti using only native Sangiovese vines, and a minimal part of Canaiolo, for what is undoubtedly the most famous Italian red wine in the world. With its strong personality it is ideal with dishes with strong flavors and medium-aged cheeses.

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  • Le Serre Nuove dell'Ornellaia is produced with the same care reserved for Ornellaia, in a vintage like that of 2018 which enhanced the aromas. The color is a lively ruby ​​red, and on the nose there are intense hints of berries, blackberries, raspberries, red cherries, combined with floral and spicy notes of pink pepper and licorice. On the palate it has a good body, balanced and with a savory finish.

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  • La Volta dell'Ornellaia is a wine that was created for lovers who capture its genuine and spontaneous aspect without neglecting its complexity. Intense red color, and bouquet of floral and fruity notes. On the palate, soft and delicate tannins envelop the palate, with a lively and persistent finish.

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  • Luce della Vite 2017 is the result of an excellent vintage, fresh spring, the right amount of rain and humidity, hot summer ventilated by gentle breezes. The color is an intense, deep ruby ​​red. On the nose, hints of red fruit prevail, and a slight note of incense and spices that characterize its complexity. In the mouth you can appreciate the elegance of tannins, structure and balance.

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  • Nipozzano Riserva is a wine that embodies the Tuscan winemaking tradition produced in the prestigious estate of Castello Nipozzano, emblem of the Frescobaldi family. The color is an intense ruby ​​red, while the nose is dominated by red fruits, notes of ripe citrus and hints of violet, accompanied by light spicy hints. In the mouth it's complex, harmonious and with good persistence.

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  • Chianti Castiglioni is a wine that well represents its terroir of origin, and is characterized by its pleasantly fruity taste. The color is a bright ruby ​​red, and the fragrant bouquet of cherry, blackberry and wild strawberry combined with intriguing Mediterranean scents. In the mouth it's lively, elegant and round, with a long finish rich in aromas.

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  • Rèmole is a tribute to the Remole Villa, the historic mansion of the Frescobaldi family in the heart of Tuscany. A wine with a bright purple red color, fruity scents stand out on the nose that are accompanied by spicy and floral notes. An elegant, soft red with a particular pleasant sensation.

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  • San Maria is a Morellino di Scansano produced for the first time by the Frescobaldi winery in 2018. Intense and lively ruby ​​red color, on the nose the bouquet is faithful to the territory of origin with hints of forest fruit from currant to blueberry, combined with citrus and spicy notes, pepper and cardamom. In the mouth it's soft, warm and enveloping, with a pleasant freshness.

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  • Tuforosso is an organic wine produced with mostly Sangiovese grapes, along with other red grape varieties grown in the Sovana vineyards. The color is a lively and intense ruby ​​red, persistent aromas of red fruits and plums prevail on the nose. In the mouth it is dry and warm, with good acidity and soft tannins that envelop the palate.

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  • Brunello and Rosso di Montalcino from the prestigious Col d'Orcia winery in an elegant wooden box.

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  • Baffonero owes its name to the homonymous Merlot grape vineyard from which it comes, which was the first to be planted in Rocca di Frassinello. The color is a ruby ​​red, on the nose stand out aromas of berries, blackberry, blueberry, with notes of vanilla to finish. In the mouth the olfactory sensations are confirmed which then evolve towards hints of tobacco, chocolate and coffee, enhancing their complexity.

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  • Vigne Alte is a bottle of the Rocca di Frassinello range that differs from the original Poggio alla Guardia for an addition of Syrah grapes to the blend that characterizes this label. The color is a ruby ​​red with purple reflections, whiel an intense and concentrated aroma to the nose. Spicy notes prevail on the palate, giving the wine personality and elegance.

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