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  • Première of Maison Villa Rinaldi is the first Villa Rinaldi cuvèe, in name and in fact, the label that preceded all the others created by Rinaldo Rinaldi in the 60s from Chardonnay grapes exclusively from Trentino. Fine perlage and floral bouquet of white roses, linden flowers and hawthorn, with an elegant taste and an aromatic breadth that envelops the palate.

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  • Gewürztraminer or Traminer Aromatico is a native grape variety originating from Termeno in the Val d'Adige, with a lively straw yellow color and characterized by the typical floral and spicy aroma of cloves, roses and lychee. On the palate we find the olfactory sensations and the unique pleasure of its taste.

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  • It was Archduke John of Austria who introduced Cabernet to Alto Adige, although it needs rather high temperatures to ripen properly. Dark garnet red color, intense aromas of red currant and herbaceous notes on the nose. On the palate it is structured edotato of soft tannins.

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  • Pinot Noir is a vine cultivated in South Tyrol for more than 100 years where it has found a terroir favorable to its characteristics, and is notoriously considered among the best in Italy. Notes of wild berries and sour cherry aromas prevail on the nose, while the palate is round, fruity and particularly persistent.

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  • Lagrein is native to Alto Adige, and was initially used essentially for rosé winemaking, but from the 1980s it began to establish itself as a red. The color is a ruby ​​red, initially with violet reflections then over time garnet. On the nose, notes of violets, chocolate and licorice stand out. On the palate it's velvety and endowed with the typical sweet tannins of the Bolzano area.

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  • The Brut Nature Riserva is a Classic Method with a straw yellow color with golden reflections and dense perlage. The bouquet is characterized by hints of vanilla, enriched by fresh citrus notes, apple and hazelnut. In the mouth it's round and characterized by almond aromas, long and persistent finish.

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  • The Brut Roseé Metodo Classico of the Opera winery shows an abundant foam, a very fine perlage, and an antique pink color. On the nose the fruity notes of black currant, blackberry, raspberry and wild strawberry prevail, typical of Pinot Noir. In the mouth it's fresh, with good aromatic complexity and an aftertaste of yeast combined with the varietal characteristics of Chardonnay.

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  • La Schiava Ferruccio Carlotto is a perfect wine for those who want to taste a red with a simple character, finely fruity, with excellent freshness. La Schiava Ferruccio Carlotto is a wine produced in very few examples with great care and respect in the vineyards and in the cellar.

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  • Maximum brut by Ferrari is a Trento DOC of great quality, soft and delicate, which comes from a careful selection of only Chardonnay grapes, as in the Ferrari style

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  • “Di ora in ora” Ferruccio Carlotto is a wine obtained from Lagrein grapes that ripen at Ora, a wine with a characteristic blackberry on the nose while in the mouth, a rich tannin. A wine produced respecting the grape variety in the vineyards as in the cellar.

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  • “Filari di Mazzon” is a Pinot noir grown on the Mazzon hill where natureclayey and calcareous soil, are an excellent prerequisite for the production of a savory, round, finely tannic and fruity Pinot Noir with notes of raspberry and cassis

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  • The Dosaggio zero Riserva Letrari is a Trento DOC of the highest level composed of an blend of chardonnay and pinot noir which gives the sparkling wine harmony and elegance with a very interesting olfactory complexity.

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