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  • Gewürztraminer 2019 is a wine from the Tramin winery, crystalline, with a deep straw yellow color, with light golden reflections, deep rose petals on the nose, spicy white flowers such as lily, exotic notes of ripe yellow fruit, melon, mango and peel lemon, with some hints of aromatic spices such as cinnamon and saffron. In the mouth it is extremely full-bodied and persistent.

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  • Pinot Nero is an excellence of the Tramin winery. The homonymous grapes of origin give this South Tyrolean red freshness and aroma suitable for tasty culinary combinations. A Alto Adige DOC wine.

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  • The Pinot Grigio 2018 Sanct Valentin is a wine with a straw yellow color, with light golden reflections, fragrant notes of pear, peach and white pulp, with delicate hints of passion fruit and candied citrus.

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  • The Pinot Bianco 2018 Sanct Valentin is a straw yellow wine, with fragrant fruity and floral notes of white fruit and hawthorn, fresh and persistent.

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  • Lagrein is a wine with an intense ruby ​​red color, a delicate aroma with typical hints of red fruit such as blackberries and currants, and a floral note of violet, in the mouth it remains rich and juicy, with an intense structure and a slightly spicy finish. .

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  • Stoan is a white wine produced by the Tramin winery, with a golden yellow color, the nose shows hints of white flowers, elderberry, lime, apple, grapefruit and jasmine, in the mouth it remains structured and soft.

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  • Quaràs is the name of the French captain who led the Napoleonic troops in the assault on the Segonzano castle. The temperature variations, the deep, fertile soils, well equipped with clay, characterize this austere Chardonnay. The aromas of yellow fruit, pineapple and orange peel blend harmoniously with the sweet aroma of caramel, "toffy" and hazelnut. A fresh acidity reveals its Alpine origin.

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  • The Classic Method Nature sparkling wine vintage 2013, has a bright and brilliant straw yellow color, and a bouquet of apricot, golden apple and a note of toasted hazelnut. In the mouth it is dry, dry, clean, with a pleasant complexity that envelops the palate.

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  • Opera's Brut sparkling wine perfectly expresses the terroir of the Val di Cembra from which it comes. The color is a straw yellow with fine and persistent perlage, while the floral notes of hawthorn intertwine with the fruity hints of green apple and peach. On the palate it's dry, clean, with an aroma of hazelnut and leavening bread, which contributes to characterize its complexity.

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  • With the right combination of aromatic richness and gustatory persistence, this Sauvignon has a delicate scent of elderflower, lychee, mango and exotic fruit in general. Drinkable, fresh, almost thirst-quenching, it has a genuine and decisive personality typical of the mountains.

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  • Viàch is a Müller Thurgau that ripens with the sun at midday. The vineyard is a hymn to peasant ingenuity and tenacity. Retrieved with a club and pickaxe from the mountain is a continuum of terraces and dry stone walls that follow the twisted course of the ridge.

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  • Elegant sparkling wine from the unmistakable bouquet, a gift of selected vineyards in Trentine land caressed by the wind Ora. From the union between the ancient passion Bossi Fedrigotti and the great Masi experience, a new product is born that enriches the range of noble wines of the historic house.

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