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  • The Malvasia Puntinata of the Imperatori winery is a straw yellow wine with light green reflections, intense notes of dried fruit, almonds, with delicate hints of flowers and white peaches are on the nose. In the mouth the sensation of sweetness is predominant but never cloying, perfectly balanced by the mineral notes typical of the area.

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  • The Trebbiano Verde, a vine of remote origins that the ancient Romans called virdis for the characteristic color of the berries and known today with the generic definition of Verdicchio, was cultivated in the Roman countryside, where before the phylloxer crisis, it was the reference white grape. This is the terracotta Amphora, with indigenous yeasts, a journey back in time.

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  • Viognier, planted and spread throughout the northern part of the Rhone Valley by the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius Probus, has become widespread across Lazio in recent years with exciting results. We are cultivating it on our land, where the grapevine has been flourishing for thousands of years, trying to convey the characteristics that only a unique territory can give.

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  • Verdicchio, grape variety of ancient origin that the ancient Romans called virdis due to the characteristic color of the berries, was cultivated in the Roman countryside, where it was the reference white grape before the phylloxera crisis. At our winery we believe it can express the unique and irrefutable characteristics of the great white wine that it is.

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  • Cabernet Sauvignon, praised by Pliny the Elder in his monumental work Naturalis Historia, under the name of Biturica because it was cultivated by the Bituriges who lived on the northern side of the Pyrenees at that time. Adaptable to almost any climatic condition, here it has found warm and sunny terrains, ideal for the production of red wines with great structure and longevity.

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  • The Cesanese is an indigenous red grape of Lazio, which has always been cultivated in the territory but has only been rediscovered qualitatively in recent years. In the case in Cesanese Imperatori, the Affile clone is used, pleasant and persuasive.

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