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  • Moranda is a Bonarda Vivace from Oltrpò Pavese obtained from the native Croatina grape, traditionally called Bonarda, grown in the province of Pavia. It's a sparkling red wine characterized by a dense and deep color and a lively froth. Intense vinous bouquet and pleasantly fresh and dry taste.

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  • Corte del Lupo Rosso is a wine designed by Cà del Bosco to enclose the strength of the wolf and the wisdom of man in a bottle. At sight it shows an intense and deep ruby ​​red color. Fruity aromas predominate on the nose, enriched by sensations that refer to aging in wood. On the palate it's round, full sip and in harmony with the olfactory sensations.

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  • Costa del Nero is the Pinot Nero of Oltrepò Pavese DOC Conte Vistarino, whose name comes from the hill of the same name dedicated to the black grapes of the Rocca dè Giorgi estate. Among the characteristics of this wine stand out the intense ruby ​​red, the typical scent of red fruits, and the good mineral finish.

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  • The Pernice is the Pinot Noir produced by the Conti Vistarino winery in the Oltrepò Pavese region in Lombardy thanks to the passion for this grape of Count Augusto Giorgi of Vistarino, who imported it from France since 1850. It's an elegant wine with a deep ruby ​​red color, the fragrant aroma of violets, red fruits and notes of cocoa and roasted coffee.

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  • Lake Garda, in the area where are the first hills, you get red wines of depth and power and Ronchedone it is the absolute proof. Strongly desired from the moment it was felt that some areas and micro-climates were the most suitable for obtaining a large wine. Marzemino, Sangiovese and 10% Cabernet make a wine that can not go unnoticed.

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  • Travaglino Wine Cellar is a magical place, full of aromas, emotions, and great narrative power.Most magical of all is the heart of Travaglino, which pulsates with bustling vitality and is brimming with ingenuity and beauty in equal measure.

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