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  • This single malt scotch whisky was distilled in December 2009 in the Scottish Caol Ila distilleries and bottled by the Hunter Laing company for their Old Malt Cask series in February 2017. On the palate the creamy notes of vanilla and fruit stand out, with a smoky aftertaste.

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  • Dolcelegno is a liqueur obtained from Calabrian licorice root extract. Ideal at the end of the meal, considering the digestive and anti-inflammatory properties of licorice, but it's also pleasantly drunk at other times of the day.

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  • With the Maley cider, an ancient tradition typical of the Aosta Valley is renewed, which never made this drink lacking on the tables of the alpine villages. A classic method sparkling cider, whose fresh scent of apple and freshly picked herbs is very pleasant on the palate.

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  • Kill Devil is a series of high quality Single Cask Rum distilled in the Caribbean and bottled in Scotland by Hunter Laing, with the same care with which they bottle blended and single malt whisky. This Rum in particular was produced in Trinidad in the Caroni distillery in 1998, and aged for 18 years without additives or dyes.

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  • Elit Luxury Vodka has earned a score equal to a platinum medal with 97 points awarded by the Beverage Testing Institute, establishing itself as one of the world's highest-rated white spirits.

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  • Mezcal is the distillate obtained from the agave plant produced in Mexico since the time of the Atzeks, hence the name inspired by the legend of Princess Donaji with which the Tradición Chagoya distilleries pay tribute to its mythical and ancestral nature.

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  • The Cognac Selection Grande Fine Champagne of the Maison François Peyrot is a brandy with accentuated aromas of sweet spices and grape flower. It is an excellent soft distillate on the palate, characterized by an aging of at least 6 years.

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  • Amara is a Sicilian liqueur based on red orange that thrives in the citrus groves that stretch between Catania and Mount Etna in a wonderful landscape. The orange peels combined with the infusions of aromatic herbs give life to a pleasant liqueur, an excellent natural digestive that perfectly describes the flavors and colors of the Trinacria

    17,90 €
  • Diplomatico Mantuano Rum is an excellent blend of rum obtained from sugarcane molasses distilled in a discontinuous alembic pot still with double distillation and left to age for at least 8 years in ex Bourbon oak barrels. The result is an extraordinarily elegant rum that embodies all the taste of tradition.

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  • Jefferson is an Amaro Importante (important), made with fresh herbs and precious citrus fruits from Calabria, rosemary, oregano, lemons, bitter oranges, grapefruit, bergamot and Sila gentian. We can define it the essence of Calabria, awarded in London as the best herbal liqueur at the World's Drink Awards.

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  • "It is a journey that has lasted for over 30 years. Turning and talking with people, discover a lot of things. Curiosity and interest in creating new paths and make you do a little way into more", so begins Vittorio Capovilla to tell; undisputed master of Capovilla renowned distiller puts an almost maniacal attention in the continuous search for quality that is reflected in his spirits.

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  • Sarpa Oro di Poli is the barricade Grappa, aged in French oak barrels in the cellars of the Poli Distillery where it refines its complex and complex flavor of exotic fruit, cedar, licorice and vanilla.

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