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  • 5 Continents Dry Ging, was named after it as it was distilled from a total of 22 organic botanicals, from 5 different continents around the world. Among the botanicals stand out ginger and cardamom from Asia, Indian pepper from Africa, Australian eucalyptus and European lavender.

    41,80 €
  • J.A. Baczewski Monopolowa, is an original potato vodka, with a transparent color, the nose expresses powerful and spicy notes, with strong aromatic hints. In the mouth it is intense and full of character, with an extremely aromatic finish.

    26,97 €
  • The Damoiseau Shrubb Rum is a subtle and harmonious blend, the nose expresses hints of orange peel and spices. This distillate is an iconic Christmas drink in the West Indies, but is also enjoyed throughout the year.

    30,74 €
  • Borderies Cognac Park is an exclusive cognac, obtained by finishing in barrels of Mizunara, a very rare Japanese oak and used only for spirits of a certain importance. Characterized by a bewitching and caressing scent, in the mouth it is delicate, satisfying and long-lasting: Bordieries Mizunara is a unique cognac, with an extraordinary organoleptic profile.

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  • The British Guyana 7yo is a rum produced by Rum Nation with a dark amber color, the nose has an extremely intense and clean aroma, with hints of sultanas, fermented fruit with hints of pepper and cinnamon, which make it dry and spicy. In the mouth it is dry and intense with a very persistent finish.

    56,56 €
  • Zacapa Gran Reserva 23 is among the best aged rums in the world, unique in the production and aging method, consequently unique in taste. The Zacapa 23 La Doma is a blend of rums that have been stored in wooden barrels for between 6 and 24 years and received a finish in former American whiskey barrels.

    81,15 €
  • Meticho Rum produced by Rum Nation, is a Rum with a dark amber color, the nose is extremely soft and fruity, with notes of vanilla and some delicate hints of honey, In the mouth it is very pleasant, slightly sweet and fruity, with a long finish duration and persistence.

    36,48 €
  • AD / 04.21 Paul Launois Release Highland Single Malt Scotch Whiskey, was produced by Ardnamurchan Distillery, with a golden yellow color, the nose expresses strong citrus notes, on the palate it is extremely intense, fruity and with a remarkable balance.

    81,15 €
  • Irish Single Pot Still The Busker produced by Royal Oak Distillery is a whiskey with a dark coppery color, intense notes of white flowers, honey, dried fruit and cloves on the nose, with some spicy caramel hints. In the mouth it is broad and rich, sweetly soft and with a long persistence.

    19,26 €
  • Irish Single Malt The Busker produced by Royal Oak Distillery with an intense golden color, the nose opens with deep notes of tropical fruit, accompanied by hints of apple, dried flowers, and delicate sweet nuances of caramel and cocoa. In the mouth it is soft and full-bodied, rich in a pleasant sweetness and with a very long and persistent finish.

    19,26 €
  • Irish Single Grain produced by Royal Oak Distillery, is a light golden yellow whiskey, the nose expresses notes of caramel, vanilla, hay dried by delicate hints of sweet spices. In the mouth it is perfectly balanced, velvety and medium-bodied, the finish is long, dry and pleasantly sweet.

    19,26 €
  • The Moscato Grappa of Mazzetti d'Altavilla, is a bright yellow distillate, with golden reflections, the nose is immediately balanced and aromatic, with hints of fruit and herbs such as sage, rose and violet, accompanied by some delicate notes of peach . In the mouth it is extremely intense and powerful with a pleasantly long finish.

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