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  • Can a gin represent the production terroir? Villa Ugo by Sabatini gin yes, because it was born with the intention of using the typical botanicals of Tuscany, to which the boys were fond of when they played in the fields, such as cypress, coriander, Florentine iris, laurel, lavender. Thus was born the Tuscan Dry Gin Villa Ugo di Sabatini gin.

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  • Etsu Gin Double Orange is the limited edition of Etsu gin with a greater amount of Japanese bitter orange peel grown in the Akita prefecture in the vicinity of the distillery. The result is a fresher gin with a pleasant citrus note.

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  • Etsu Gin Double Yuzu is the limited edition of Etsu gin enriched with a higher quantity of the citrus typical of the Akita area, the Yuzu which gives the gin a greater freshness.

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  • Etsu Gin Pacific Ocean Water is the limited edition of Etsu gin enriched with Pacific Ocean water that gives the gin an iodized note that goes well with the classic bouquet of Japanese gin distilled on the island of Hokkaido, at the Asahikawa Distillery.

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  • Etsu is the Japanese Gin ditillated on the island of Hokkaido at the Asahikawa Distillery according to a secret recipe based on botanical herbs grown in Japan such as berries, peppers, tea and citrus fruits, among which stands out the Yozu which owes its typical floreal aroma fragrant and persistent on the palate. Now also available with the original limited edition cup.

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  • The Foursquare Sovereignty is a blend of Rum distilled in stills partly pot still and partly single column. The color is a dark amber, and the hints of dried fruit, vanilla combined with the aromas of spices envelop the palate in an endless drink.

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  • Caol Ila Wilson & Morgan Whiskey 2014 Bourbon Finish 100% U.K. bottled at the traditional 100 UK Proof strength to preserve its robustness, this Islay single malt is one of the fullest, most succulent and aromatic ones recently released by Wilson & Morgan.

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  • The Caol Ila Wilson & Morgan Whiskey 2014 Bourbon Finish is a particularly sweet version of thisTimeless Islay single malt, young but made round and juicy thanks to the use of exvery active bourbons made to measure for us (hogshead), which have bestowed amazingmaturity in a short time.

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  • Il Doorly's 5 anni è un blend ottenuto dall'assemblaggio di Rum distillati in colonna singola ed in colonna pot still, con sentori vaniglia, note di scorza di limone and note tostate, al palato morbidezza e cremosità rendono la bevuta gradevole.

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  • Doorly's XO of the Foursquare Distillery, a blend obtained from the assembly of Rum distilled in a single column and in a pot still column. A gold color tending to amber that fascinates, while hints of tropical fruit and vanilla with a toffee background suggest a sensory journey into the world of spices.

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  • The last Gin born from the skill of the Quaglia Distillery in collaboration with the guys from Jerry Thomas in Rome, Gin The Fighter Bear is elegant, round, fragrant and soft.

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  • Zacapa 23 El Alma is among the best aged rums in the world, unique in the production and aging method, consequently unique in taste. Zacapa 23 El Alma is a blend of rums that have been stored in wooden barrels for between 6 and 24 years and received a finish in former bourbon barrels. Second release of the four "limited editions" of Zacapa 23.

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