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  • The Tottori Blended Whiskey Aged in Bourbon Barrel, from the Matsui Japanese distillery, is the aged version of the Japanese Whiskey among the best known in the world, which rests 3 years in Bourbon barrels before being bottled. Golden and bright color, the nose is characterized by the typical fruity and smoked notes, while on the palate it's rich in aromas including caramelized fruit and vanilla.

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  • The Tottori is the Blended Whiskey of the Matsui distillery, born in the province of Tottori in Japan 100 years ago. Thanks to the pure spring waters used and the experience in the art of distillation, an excellent Whiskey is obtained with a light and bright color, with an aromatic flavor of spices and red fruits with a woody finish that recalls oak.

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