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  • Teanum comes from the name of the ancient roman city Teanum Apulum. This city was situated where nowadays exists the city of San Paolo di Civitate. This antique city was so important for the Romans that today the whole region it is called “Puglia” as a derivation of “Apulum”.

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  • The Barbera varietal first appeared on the hillsides of the Langhe in the early 900’s, at a time when the entire region was engaged in the difficult reconstruction of the vineyards destroyed by the phylloxera aphid. Owing to its rustic nature, it has adapted well to the environment and the particular soil composition of the area.

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  • Each hill, each vineyard even, produces its own particular “Dolcetto”, whose characteristics are well differentiated and easily recognizable. It is thanks to the particular composition of the soil in our Langhe district, rich in mineral salts, that the Dolcetto produced in these areas, as well as boasting a remarkable structure, which Sordo is able to interpret perfectly.

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  • From a region already formerly known by the Romans as the territory of great wines, the Sesto 21 is born, a Sauvignon Blanc very pleasant to the nose and with a wide palate, rich and rich in minerality.

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  • The Chianti Classico of the Castellare di Castellina winery is produced in the heart of Chianti using only native Sangiovese vines, and a minimal part of Canaiolo, for what is undoubtedly the most famous Italian red wine in the world. With its strong personality it is ideal with dishes with strong flavors and medium-aged cheeses.

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  • The Cortona DOC compared to other Tuscan denominations is less known, but also expresses the size of its territory; Achelo is the testimony.

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  • The Terredora vineyards are in the most suitable Irpinia areas for the production of high quality wines and represent the synthesis of the passionate search of respect and appreciation of the territory and of the inextricable link between environment, grape variety, climate and human intervention.

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  • Calaprice is an organic wine produced by the Amastuola winery in Puglia. It presents itself with a straw yellow color, with a discreet perfume but capable of intriguing at the first sip, with hints of Golden apples and citrus peel. A well balanced wine, ideal with fish, cheeses and vegetables.

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  • Anthium is the Bellone of Casale del Giglio, an autochthonous Lazio variety that has its ideal habitat in the Anzio area, where the direct influence of the sea contributes to its strong minerality. Straw yellow wine with golden reflections, hints of exotic fruit, mango and papaya, contrast with a strong acidity. In the mouth it's fresh, fruity with floral and spicy nuances.

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  • The Pescanera of the Ippolito winery is obtained from the Greco Nero, an indigenous Calabrian grape variety, reinterpreted as Rosé. Elegant and sensual, it presents itself with a bright peach pink, fruit that recurs on the palate together with citrus fruits, wild strawberries and white flowers. Its fresh and mineral taste typical of vineyards near the sea conquers at the first sip.

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  • The Mare Chiaro by Ippolito winery is a tribute to the marvelous sea of ​​Cirò, obtained from excellent quality Greco Bianco grapes, testifying the will of the winery to enhance the indigenous Calabrian vines. It appears crystal clear with aromas of tropical fruit and pear, peach and white flowers. On the palate it's very fresh with a final marine note that enhances its Mediterranean essence.

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