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  • Oppidum Sant’Andrea is a white Moscato di Terracina PDO with a fruity flavor and intense aroma. An award-winning wine of excellence, an expression of quality and the result of 100% Moscato grapes.

    8,61 €
  • Lugana Santa Cristina is a wine with an easy and at the same time intriguing character; fresh and with good complexity with notes of white flower peaches, cedar and a hint of pineapple. A good acidity and a marked minerality give the wine the freshness that makes it perfect as an aperitif or with raw fish.

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  • Barbera D'alba Prunotto is a classic among Piedmontese wines, vinous scents, floral freshness, ripe fruit and spices. A wine that goes well with many meat-based dishes as long as they are not elaborated.

    9,84 € -20% 12,30 €
  • Sparkling wine produced with the Martinotti method, pleasant and suitable for many occasions, the Ortrugo Torre Fornello has elegant scents with floral nuances and notes of pink grapefruit, a soft flavor with a slight almond aftertaste.

    9,74 € -12% 11,07 €
  • La Monella Braida is a lively, pleasant and fresh Barbera. It is the wine that started Giacomo Bologna's adventure and dedicated to his grandmother Caterina because originally his grandfather wrote "La Monella" in chalk on the most exuberant Barbera barrel.

    8,52 €
  • Botte Ventidue Daminao Ciolli is a strongly territorial wine from Ottonese and green Trebbiano grapes, native vines that fully express the winery's project; complex and full on the palate, ideal for dishes based on vegetables and white meats.

    13,44 €
  • La Volta Terre dell'Angelo is a pure white Pallagrello from grapes grown in the heart of the appellation area; hints of broom, iris, white-fleshed fruit such as white peach and Williams pear and with a savory and full palate that the drink of this Pallagrello in amphora is pleasant.

    10,63 € -13% 12,21 €
  • Calafuria is the Tormaresca rosé with a strong personality and refined elegance. The color is a bright pink with coral reflections, a large and intense bouquet with hints of red fruit and almpone. On the palate it is fresh and savory, pleasantly intriguing and in perfect harmony between flavor and acidity.

    9,43 €
  • Prosecco Millesimato Val d'Oca comes from grapes of the best vintages that are sparkling in an autoclave. Overall it is light, soft and with a balanced taste in a skilful combination of acidity and sweetness.

    6,15 €
  • The Syrah Rosa by Stefano Amerighi is the interpretation of the Rosato of those who know every productive aspect of the vine of the same name to create a fascinating and true nectar. A beautiful coral pink color that contains hints of small red fruits and a very slight spiciness.

    28,28 €
  • Sienda Mura Vermentino di Gallura DOCG is the first wine produced by the winery, great care in the vineyard for a healthy grape full of substance. The result is a wine of good structure and flavor with hints of Mediterranean scrub, citrus and yellow fruit.

    11,77 € -15% 13,85 €
  • Cheremi Mura is a Vermentino di Gallura DOCG that is appreciated for its breadth on the palate that makes it suitable for elaborate dishes and white meats. Hints of citrus, sage and freshly ripe yellow fruit and a good flavor that aided by acidity makes the product easy to drink.

    9,84 € -20% 12,30 €