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  • Prosecco Millesimato Val d'Oca comes from grapes of the best vintages that are sparkling in an autoclave. Overall it is light, soft and with a balanced taste in a skilful combination of acidity and sweetness.

    6,15 €
  • The Syrah Rosa by Stefano Amerighi is the interpretation of the Rosato of those who know every productive aspect of the vine of the same name to create a fascinating and true nectar. A beautiful coral pink color that contains hints of small red fruits and a very slight spiciness.

    28,28 €
  • Sienda Mura Vermentino di Gallura DOCG is the first wine produced by the winery, great care in the vineyard for a healthy grape full of substance. The result is a wine of good structure and flavor with hints of Mediterranean scrub, citrus and yellow fruit.

    13,85 €
  • Cheremi Mura is a Vermentino di Gallura DOCG that is appreciated for its breadth on the palate that makes it suitable for elaborate dishes and white meats. Hints of citrus, sage and freshly ripe yellow fruit and a good flavor that aided by acidity makes the product easy to drink.

    12,21 €
  • Hints of red fruit such as undergrowth, black cherries and then spices, this is how Barbera D'Alba Granera Alta Cascina Chicco presents itself. A fresh and immediate wine but at the same time complex, soft on the palate with flavors of cherries and ripe red fruit that persist on the finish.

    8,61 €
  • Nebbiolo Langhe Cascina Chicco is a wine from grapes produced in the Costa area in the municipality of Castagnito, particularly suited for the production of Nebbiolo. A beautiful ruby red garnet anticipates the complexity to the nose which manifests itself with hints of violet, morello cherry, a slight spiciness. A soft and full palate completes the drink.

    10,57 €
  • Enveloping, delicate with hints of citrus, exotic fruit and lime, this is how the Favorita Cascina Chicco presents itself at a first taste. A wine from Favorita grapes, a Vermentino clone that reached Roero through the oil and salt routes.

    9,75 €
  • Anterisio Arneis Cascina Chicco derives from homonymous grapes coming from the sub-area of Anterisio, one of the most suitable areas for the production of Arneis. An intense and complex wine with notes of apricot, apple, chamomile with a savory and well-structured palate.

    8,44 €
  • Sauvignon Gaffer von Feldenrich is a wine with a scent, wide and very elegant nose that ennobles the varietal vegetal notes. A Sauvignon that comes out of the box but that is appreciated for its very pleasant drink. The grapes come from vineyards located in one of the best territories for the production of white wines.

    15,16 €
  • Gewurztraminer Gaffer von Feldenrich is a complex, harmonious and elegant wine with good minerality that completes the taste. The grapes come from vineyards located in one of the best territories for the production of white wines.

    15,98 €
  • Matt Kleberg's Tramari is the summer 2022 limited edition of Tramari San Marzano, the result of the new Cantina project that honors visual art by having the Tramari label designed by contemporary artists.

    10,25 €
  • Vermentino Castellare is a fresh, savory wine with hints of white flowers and fresh white pulp fruit. A Mediterranean and pleasant wine at the first taste.

    7,30 €