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  • Newcomer at the Monte Rossa house: Cabochon DoppioZero, a brut nature that completes the Cabochon family.

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  • It is the vintage of the Cabochon family, obtained from the soft pressing of selected grapes and is the result of over 54 months of aging on the lees. It is a Brut obtained for 70% from Chardonnay and 30% from Pinot Noir. The true essence of the morainic hills of the Franciacortini municipalities is immediately recognized.

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  • To outline its sour and biting character it has been called Salvàdek: that is a brescia dialect word meaning wild. Produced only in the most favourable years from accurately selected Chardonnay (70%) and Pinot Nero (30%) grapes.

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  • The Cabochon Fuoriserie 023 is the most prestigious Franciacorta wine among Monte Rossa production. It has been created in 1985 researching the most accurate selection of cru from the Hill of Monte Rossa and a new vinification system introducing the "barriques" for the first fermentation of the must. A very special bottle of wine that every winelovers should have in his own cellar.

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  • Satèn is a production Protocol exclusive to Franciacorta, foreseeing:- the sole use of white grapes (Chardonnay); - a pressure of less than 5 atmospheres inside the bottle, after the formation of foam; - a sugar dosage corresponding with the Brut category (maximum 15 g./litre). The combination of these three elements results in a soft and creamy wine evoking the softness and pleasure of silk.

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  • Produced from Chardonnay grapes using 65% of the wines obtained from our very best cru and 35% vintage wine. Fruit of a passionate search for the most complete harmony between the fullness, structure and complexity of the vintage wine with the elegance, softness, and delicacy typical of Chardonnay.

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  • Prima Cuvée is a brut sparkling wine obtained from 19 crus from the Monte Rossa winery. Of the well-known company, Prima Cuvée is the most widespread label: it fully represents the production philosophy of an excellent signature in the world of Franciacortas.

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