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  • Newcomer at the Monte Rossa house: Cabochon DoppioZero, a brut nature that completes the Cabochon family.

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  • A 2005 Cuvèe composed of Chardonnay base with the addition of Pinot Nero and 15% of reserve wines. Bottling in June 2006, nine years on the lees, is a tribute to a real star, protagonist of the history of Monte Rossa.

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  • A Franciacorta "Riserva" with over 60 months of aging in bottle in contact with the yeasts.Cabochon Rosé is produced only in years with particularly favorable characteristics: the previous ones were 2005, 2001, 1995 and 1992.

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  • To outline its sour and biting character it has been called Salvàdek: that is a brescia dialect word meaning wild. Produced only in the most favourable years from accurately selected Chardonnay (70%) and Pinot Nero (30%) grapes.

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  • Satèn is a production Protocol exclusive to Franciacorta, foreseeing:- the sole use of white grapes (Chardonnay); - a pressure of less than 5 atmospheres inside the bottle, after the formation of foam; - a sugar dosage corresponding with the Brut category (maximum 15 g./litre). The combination of these three elements results in a soft and creamy wine evoking the softness and pleasure of silk.

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  • Produced from Chardonnay grapes using 65% of the wines obtained from our very best cru and 35% vintage wine. Fruit of a passionate search for the most complete harmony between the fullness, structure and complexity of the vintage wine with the elegance, softness, and delicacy typical of Chardonnay.

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