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  • Vigna Quintodecimo is a fine balance of small fruits, floreal notes and spices. Seductive class and aromatic intensity is complemented by savory tannins and well expressed in a profound and refined style. It is a wine of extraordinary richness and elegance that reaches its peak within the first twenty years and still retains its character for many years after.

    135,00 €
  • Via del Campo Quintodecimo is a Falanghina with a fruity and mineral character. Produced in the Mirabella Eclano vineyard, this white surprises when young and, after a few years in the bottle, evolves into a complex bouquet.

    31,00 €
  • Via del Campo is a Falanghina from the Quintodecimo winery produced in a single vineyard in Mirabella Eclano. Its grape variety expresses all the fruity and mineral character: Via del Campo Quintodecimo gives immediate pleasure when young and evolves into a complex bouquet after a few years in the bottle.

    31,90 €
  • The Exultet Quintodecimo is an elegant Fiano di Avellino DOCG, produced exclusively in the Fiano vineyard, in which each plant is treated with extreme care and attention. The result is a high quality wine: Exultet has a dense structure with exotic aromas, is mineral and particularly refined.

    33,50 €
  • Extreme and strict interpretation of the Greek Tufo.La vineyard of the Yellow D'Arles is in Tufo, cradle of Greek di Tufo, therefore, a cru in single variety, very influenced vintage expression of their varietal character.

    32,50 €
  • Terra d’Eclano is a Quintodecimo Aglianico DOC, a company that in a few years has been able to create true oenological masterpieces that well represent the Campania terroir. From this careful work comes the red Terra d’Eclano, seductive and refined, with a deep structure.

    39,50 €