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  • Les Schistes is a Muscadet de Sèvre et Maine, a dry white wine obtained from the Melon de Bourgugne grape produced in the Loire Valley on the Atlantic side of France by the Chateau de la Ragotiere winery. Straw yellow in color. it's characterized by floral and white fruit aromas with strong mineral notes that pleasantly take advantage of the palate.

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  • The Gewürztraminer Feld produced by Armin Kobler in Alto Adige confirms the typical features of this grape with its strongly aromatic bouquet that completely envelops the palate. The scents of rose petals, exotic fruit and cloves conquer the first olfactory contact. Ideal with spicy dishes from Asian cuisine.

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  • Torre dei Beati's Pecorino "Giocheremo con i fiori" is a white wine produced in Abruzzo, in a land with a high wine vocation. It has strong floral scents and a refined bouquet of pear, citrus and wild herbs, with a unique freshness that best expresses the terroir from which it comes.

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  • Calaprice is an organic wine produced by the Amastuola winery in Puglia. It presents itself with a straw yellow color, with a discreet perfume but capable of intriguing at the first sip, with hints of Golden apples and citrus peel. A well balanced wine, ideal with fish, cheeses and vegetables.

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  • The Tàlis is the Pinot Bianco of Venica & Venica. Intense and well-defined on the nose, with wild flowers and apple aromas which evolve towards notes of aromatic herbs with bottle age.

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  • The Vinnae is the Ribolla Gialla produced by Jermann, with a bright, pale straw shade and fruit aromas with a mineral undertone. On the palate it is dry, fresh and tangy with the unassuming elegance of an authentic country wine. 

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  • Chardonnay from Chardonnay grapes vinified as a white wine. Its colour is brilliant straw-yellow with greenish highlights, its aroma is intense and fruity (banana when young, golden delicious apple when mature), lightly aromatic and with excellent persistence. The wine noticeably exalts the natural aromas of the grape variety.

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  • Jermann's Pinot Grigio is one of the most important wines of the company located in one of the most beautiful wine areas of the province of Gorizia. Still and dry, with a full and fruity aroma, it comes from pinot grigio grapes partially vinified in white. The price refers to the all package.

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  • The Pinot Grigio is another good wine of the Tramin winery. The homonymous grapes of origin give this white South Tyrolean freshness and aroma suitable for tasty culinary combinations. A Alto Adige DOC wine. The price refers to the all package.

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  • The Chardonnay Tschaupp fby the Schweitzer winery is a wine that honors and enhances the vine from which it comes. It has a straw yellow color, with fruity scents of golden apple, floral and mineral notes. An elegant wine that lends itself well to a good fish-based dish. The price refers to the all package.

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