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  • Malvasia di Lipari DOC Passito is a wine with a bright amber color, intense hints of dried flowers and apricot on the nose, in the mouth it is extremely sweet and full with an excellent structure.

    26,90 €
  • Maddalena Salina is a wine produced by the Fenech winery, it has a straw yellow color with bright reflections, intense hints of dried figs on the nose with some notes of apricot, in the mouth it is intensely sweet and aromatic, with an excellent structure. The finish is long with a delicate and light persistence.

    13,50 €
  • Stoan is a white wine produced by the Tramin winery, with a golden yellow color, the nose shows hints of white flowers, elderberry, lime, apple, grapefruit and jasmine, in the mouth it remains structured and soft.

    22,50 €
  • Battistotti winery Müller Thurgau is a wine with a delicate straw yellow color, with light green reflections, the nose expresses intense aromatic notes, given by white flowers, with incredible hints of peach and apple, in the mouth it is very fresh and fragrant , with a savory and balanced finish.

    7,99 €
  • The Malvasia Puntinata of the Imperatori winery is a straw yellow wine with light green reflections, intense notes of dried fruit, almonds, with delicate hints of flowers and white peaches are on the nose. In the mouth the sensation of sweetness is predominant but never cloying, perfectly balanced by the mineral notes typical of the area.

    10,90 €
  • San Giovanni Moscato Passito DOC is a wine, its appearance has a deep amber yellow color, the bouquet is pleasantly fine and intense, in fact it immediately manifests the consistency of the wine offering a progression of olfactory sensations that bring back to dried fruit such as fig and apricot. In the mouth it has an excellent balance and a remarkable persistence.

    34,50 €
  • Chardonnay Marina Cvetic is a very persistent white from the Masciarelli winery from Abruzzo. A Colline Teatine IGT that best expresses the modernity and elegance typical of all the products in the line.

    29,90 €
  • The Centive is produced by '' Tenute Olim Bauda '' is a straw yellow colored wine, the bouquet is typically aromatic and extremely intense and gives floral and fruity notes, with hints of sage, elderberry and citrus. The taste is fresh and fragrant, with a perfect balance between sweetness and acidity. On the finish it is particularly creamy and persistent.

    9,50 €
  • Roero’s oldest, most fascinating white varietal, the name Arneis probably comes from “Bric Renesio”, the rise near Tenuta Carretta.

    12,50 €
  • The Catarratto 2019 of the Baglio di Pianetto winery is a wine with an intense straw yellow color, an intense citrus scent on the nose, with notes of aromatic herbs and Mediterranean scrub, on the palate it is fresh and savory, with a long aromatic and fruity finish.

    7,30 €
  • They cultivate the best grapes with modern methods and advanced technologies, combine them with creative sensibility, always driven by the heart and our passion for quality. From here the white T is born, an ideal wine for aperitifs.

    7,60 €
  • The Chronicon Pecorino of the Zaccagnini winery, is a straw yellow wine, with light golden reflections, on the nose, mild and fragrant sensations of honey and wildflowers, in the mouth it is tasty, rich and juicy, with a good freshness, and long persistence.

    9,00 €