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  • Nero Buono di Cori is an ancient local grape grown on the lavic soil of the hills around Cori. Lower yields per ha, a careful selection of the grapes and long ageing in oak barrels make this wine original and exceptional.

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  • Illirio is a typical hill in the area of Cori with a chalky soil, well exposed to the sun. Fresh currents coming from the Lepini Mountains provide a good range of temperature. The combination of fertile soil, good climate and accurate farming allow the growth of excellent grapes which produce a delicate and harmonious fruity wine.

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  • First adventure in the world of the classic method for the Cincinnato, one of the emerging Cellars of Lazio that in recent years has had an important growth. An immediate bubble, easy to approach, ideal for an aperitif.

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  • Solina is a wine produced by the Cincinnato winery, with a warm golden yellow color, the nose expresses notes of exceptional amplitude with hints of eucalyptus, honey and flowers. In the mouth it has a sweet, elegant and velvety flavor with a light finish that brings back to the apricot.

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  • Korì is a classic method sparkling wine vinified in purity from Bellone grapes, a native vine of the volcanic hills of Cori. It has an intense straw yellow color, a fine and persistent perlage, and a fragrant bouquet of apple, cedar and candied citrus, to which are added notes reminiscent of cream puffs deriving from the lysis of the yeast. On the palate it's savory and fresh.

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  • Kora is the pure Nero Buono from the Cincinnato winery, coming from the highest quality vineyards and a tribute to the city of Cori. It has an intense ruby ​​red color and a persistent perfume with a great harmony of scents. The taste is dry and structured, characterized by aromas of leather and undergrowth with balsamic references. An excellent wine to accompany dishes with a strong flavor.

    12,62 €
  • Arcatura is the Cesanese vinified in purity of the Cincinnato winery, the ancient Lazio vine grown on the hills of lava soil that surround Cori. The color is a ruby ​​red, and the bouquet is intense and characterized by balsamic notes. On the palate it's delicate and animated by an elegant complexity.

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  • Pantaleo is a white obtained from the native Greek grape variety grown in the area of ​​the same name near Cori. Intense color with golden reflections, floral notes on the nose while on the palate the taste is pleasantly fresh and mineral, thanks to the volcanic origin of the soils. A wine to drink young and paired with fish dishes from Mediterranean cuisine.

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  • Puntinata is a white wine produced by Cincinnato with Malvasia Puntinata, or Malvasia del Lazio, a white grape variety typical of Lazio currently re-evaluated by the Corian winegrowers, which is distinguished by the dark dot on the grapes that have reached maturity. The color is golden yellow, while the nose prevails the typical fruity aromas with herbaceous hints that give freshness to the palate.

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  • Enyo is the pure bellone of the Agricultural Cooperative Cincinnato of the Cori area, in the heart of Lazio, which associates each bottle with a character from Greek mythology. It has a straw yellow color with golden reflections. On the palate the notes of citrus, melon and yellow peach stand out, accompanied by that mineral note expression of the terroir corese.

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  • Brut obtained from the vinification of Bellone, ancient grape variety always cultivated on lava hills of corese territory. From research and experimentation comes obtaining a sparkling wine of high quality and distinct pleasure.

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  • This is a very elegant wine embodying its land of origin, and named after the mythical Dioskouroi, “sons of Zeus”, to whom the ancient Temple of Castor and Pollux is dedicated. This wine is produced by using purity vinification of Bellone grapes. This latter is a local species of grape also known as “uva pane”, due to its thin and delicate skin. The price is for 6 bottles.

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