Year 2011

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  • A Trentodoc without any dosage, which expresses the very essence of Chardonnay from mountainside vineyards. Another wonderful sparkling wine is born in the Ferrari's house and there is nothing to be surprised if it has become a must for sparkling wine lovers. The Perlé Zero is a cuvée of various years and various refinements that make the product unique.

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  • A unique Champagne, a grand vin de Champagne expression of a terroir, a vision, a vintage, produced by one of the oldest Maison in France.

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  • Ronco delle Mele it's the Sauvignon Collio DOC from Venica & Venica, intense on the nose with elegant aromas of elderflower, peach leaf and capiscum. Rich and full on the palate with a silky smooth finish.

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  • The Brut Classic of the Deutz maison was born in the heart of Champagne, characterized by a pale gold color and an elegant perlage, on the complex and intriguing nose, of great character but with the typical elegance of the Maison Deutz.

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  • There are vintages that stand out, giving rise to unrepeatable distillates. The 2011 vintage Grappa Riserva di Barolo aged 5 years was chosen as the poetic content for this bottle, set like a jewel in a smooth and fragrant wooden box. The nobility of this distillate is incomparable.

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  • Extra Brut Rosè Riserva is a Quality Sparkling Wine produced by the Zamuner Farm, with an amber color that has always characterized this Zamuner bubble, the nose is elegant, with hints of red fruits, elderberry, and cherries. In the mouth it is incredibly harmonious and bubbly, with a marked mineral aftertaste, with a long finish full of freshness.

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  • The blanc de Noirs Millesimato 2011 from the Zamuner winery is a straw yellow color slightly tending to bright and bright golden color, with a creamy persistent foam and an extremely fine perlage, deep hints of white flowers and red fruits on the nose, in the mouth it is mineral and fresh, it is perfectly intertwined with sensations of softness, with a long and very delicate finish.

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  • An exclusive line dedicated to the enthusiasts of single cask. Signatory selects and bottles the best whiskey and tells you through the label all the way that the distillate has to become "Signatory".

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  • The Batàr is one of the most appreciated Italian wines, a faithful expression of the Tuscan hills of Ruffoli in Greve in Chianti. Born from a blend of two french vines such as Pinot Bianco and Chardonnay, it's pleasant on the palate with a marked minerality, fruity notes of peach and yellow melon, and seduces at the first sip confirming its ambition of internationally famous wine.

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  • La Dama Forestiera by is a classic method sparkling wine, whose nobility goes hand in hand with its history. The elegance is evident already from the golden yellow color, and from the size of the small and dense bubbles. The nose is complex, with a prevalence of ripe and spicy fruit notes. Its full-bodied taste seduces the palate for a long time with a pleasantly persistent finish. The 2013 vintage is on the market today.

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  • The term +4 signifies the multiple meanings of this wine. The number first refers to its production protocol, which requires a minimum of 28 months sur lie, or 4 months more than the official production code.

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  • Absolute champion, TRENTODOC produced only in the great vintages, is obtained from the vinification of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes strictly hand-picked, with a second fermentation in the bottle according to the classic method and a permanence on the lees of at least 96 months.

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