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  • Lieto (happy ijn italian) as the olfactory and gustatory sensations that fully characterize it. An organic Chardonnay in purity produced in the vineyards of Chiaromonte Gulfi in Sicily on ideal soils for high quality white grapes. The nose is intense and with good persistence, fruity aromas of pear and peach, enriched with floral notes. Full and rich taste, balanced with a pleasantly long finish.

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  • Accordo celebrates the harmony between smell and taste preserved in an organic wine from Sauvignon grapes vinified in purity. The color is a straw yellow with greenish reflections, while the balance stands out between fruity and floral hints at the base of the name. In the mouth there is an agreement between aromas and structure, fruity flavor with a good acidity that refreshes the palate.

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  • Suadente means persuasive in italian as the Nero d'Avola vinified in purity that in these areas of Sicily is expressed in all its aromatic fullness. Typical red color with purple reflections, and a scented bouquet of ripe cherry, plum, red mulberries and currants. In the mouth it's soft, with the usual acidity of the grape well tamed, returns of berries, elegant tannins and a seductive flavor

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  • In Arabic, Ahmar means red, and it embodies intriguing aromatic notes that reveal a balance between visual emotion and olfactory sensorial charm in wine. it has a bright ruby ​​red color with violet reflections, tending to garnet with aging. The nose features aromas of red, violet, dried plum and spicy hints. On the palate it's full-bodied and dry, with a fine tannic texture.

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  • Notte is Syrah vinified in purity by the Vinanti winery, inspired by the depth of color and flavor in the dark of Sicilian nights. The color is an intense ruby ​​red, while the nose features hints of black pepper, red fruits, blackberry and violet accompanied by a slight note of chocolate. In the mouth it's elegant and structured, with a strong and pleasant flavor.

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  • Rosso di Dama is a blend of Nero d'Avola and Barbera, a grape dating back to Piedmontese domination and planted in Sicily in the 1700s. It's a wine that was born to pay homage to the woman with the poetry of the earth. It has a purple red color and an intense bouquet of sour cherry, red fruits and violet. On the palate it has a good tannic texture, balanced between acidity and flavor.

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  • Singolare (singular) in name and in fact, it's a wine with the scent of dog rose vinified in purity from Frappato grapes, a typical variety of Ragusa. A red with floral and fruity aromas, which is warm and dry in the mouth, fresh and elegant with a tannic texture and excellent drink.

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  • Bianco di Dama is a blend of two native Sicilian varieties Grecanico and Catarratto, a tribute to woman and the poetry of the earth. A straw yellow wine with golden reflections, and a bouquet of white flowers and exotic fruits. On the palate the perfect balance between taste and freshness is appreciable. A white that evokes the harmony of the senses.

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