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  • Roma is a Malvasia Puntinata vinified in purity by Poggio Le Volpi, an expression of the luxury of Ancient Rome. It presents itself with a straw yellow with greenish reflections, while on the nose there are hints of tropical fruit, sweet almonds, hazelnuts, orange blossom flowers and mineral notes. On the palate it's characterized by fruity and floral aromas, a pleasant sapidity and freshness and great persistence.

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  • The Poggio Le Volpi Baccarossa wine is a pure Nero Buono, with an intense and luminous color, characterized by aromas of ripe red fruit, cherry in alcohol, accompanied by hints of Mediterranean scrub and a balsamic aftertaste. A full-bodied and elegant wine to combine with dishes with strong flavors.

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  • Drinking in company is one of the pleasures of life. People is a wine to share, born to enrich everyday food on the table. A suitable for all kinds of personal taste.

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  • Wine dedicated to women, the label shows an old brooch worn by aristocratics. Mainly made from Malvasia del Lazio with small percentages of Greco and Chardonnay, this wine is Bright pale yellow. 

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