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  • The Pinot Noir Rosato Extra Brut 2018 Bortolotti is a brand new charmat method sparkling wine signed by Bruno Bortolotti which is not new in the creation of bubbles of great thickness produced with the Martinotti method. It has a beautiful pink with coppery reflections, hints of rose and spices, good structure and green fruity notes with an elegant perlage.

    31,89 €
  • Belstar Cuvée Rosé Bisol is a quality sparkling wine, suitable for the most refined and at the same time more informal occasions. Charming and with a great personality, from the name which, by definition, means "feeling good", lifestyle and the pleasantness of life, accompanied by great drinkability, which give the scope of how this sparkling wine is ideal for a cheerful evening.

    6,56 €
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