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  • The San Clemente of the Zaccagnini winery is a wine with a deep ruby ​​red color, clear and intense, the nose expresses an intense bouquet of licorice and berries, in the mouth it is intense and robust, characterized by a powerful tannic note.

    17,38 €
  • The Chronicon Pecorino of the Zaccagnini winery, is a straw yellow wine, with light golden reflections, on the nose, mild and fragrant sensations of honey and wildflowers, in the mouth it is tasty, rich and juicy, with a good freshness, and long persistence.

    7,38 €
  • The Chronicon Montepulciano of the Zaccagnini winery is a ruby ​​red wine with light garnet nuances, the nose is remarkably fruity with notes of raspberries and black cherries, with light balsamic hints. In the mouth it is fresh and engaging, tasty and with a good structure.

    8,61 €
  • The Chronicon Cerasuolo is a pale pink wine, at the sight it is intense and bright, on the nose hints of wildflowers, accompanied by a pleasant and delicate wild note, on the palate it is a delicate and very balanced wine with a slight persistence.

    7,38 €
  • The Capsico is a unique wine, with an intense ruby ​​red color with garnet reflections, the nose is powerful, intense and spicy, with typical characteristics of the aromas of the grape. In the mouth it is full, robust and harmonious.

    15,16 €