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  • A thick white that acquires greater complexity from a longer stay in the bottle. I Boschi, chardonnay by Tenuta Olim Bauda has an intense and pleasant bouquet with hints of citrus and exotic fruit, on the palate a good freshness and acidity that make it easy to drink.

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  • Enveloping, delicate with hints of citrus, exotic fruit and lime, this is how the Favorita Cascina Chicco presents itself at a first taste. A wine from Favorita grapes, a Vermentino clone that reached Roero through the oil and salt routes.

    9,02 €
  • Anterisio Arneis Cascina Chicco derives from homonymous grapes coming from the sub-area of Anterisio, one of the most suitable areas for the production of Arneis. An intense and complex wine with notes of apricot, apple, chamomile with a savory and well-structured palate.

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  • Monteriolo Coppo is born in one of the best Piedmontese terroirs, a complex and elegant wine with hints of exotic fruit and vegetable sensations. Good structure, great balance and excellent acidity, for an extraordinary wine produced from pure chardonnay grapes.

    30,21 € -9% 33,20 €
  • San Giovanni Moscato Passito DOC is a wine, its appearance has a deep amber yellow color, the bouquet is pleasantly fine and intense, in fact it immediately manifests the consistency of the wine offering a progression of olfactory sensations that bring back to dried fruit such as fig and apricot. In the mouth it has an excellent balance and a remarkable persistence.

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  • The Centive is produced by '' Tenute Olim Bauda '' is a straw yellow colored wine, the bouquet is typically aromatic and extremely intense and gives floral and fruity notes, with hints of sage, elderberry and citrus. The taste is fresh and fragrant, with a perfect balance between sweetness and acidity. On the finish it is particularly creamy and persistent.

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  • Blangé is the white "side" of Piedmont, produced from pure Arneis grapes, which has revolutionized the way of making wine in the Langhe, historically suited to the cultivation of red berried grapes. Born in the Roero area in the north-east of the province of Cuneo, it's an organic wine that wants to affirm its identity, between sustainability and pleasantness.

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  • Roero’s oldest, most fascinating white varietal, the name Arneis probably comes from “Bric Renesio”, the rise near Tenuta Carretta.

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  • The Piccolo Derthona Terra by Vigneti Massa is the version born from the younger vineyards of Timorasso, a Piedmontese native vine from Tortonese area that Walter Massa has helped to rediscover with its high quality production. Excellent with fish dishes but also goes well with white meat and aged cheeses.

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  • Roero’s oldest, most fascinating white varietal, the name Arneis probably comes from “Bric Renesio”, the rise near Tenuta Carretta. The price is for 6 bottles.

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  • Piedmontese white wine with good intensity and structure, the Gavi is a Cortese grape variety to which the Olim Bauda seal ensures sustainable cultivation and without chemical herbicides. Gavi is fresh, ideal for savory dishes of fish and shellfish.

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  • A pleasant and immediate Arneis, produced by the Negro family, one of the first to vinify dry Arneis, since 1970.

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