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  • Dolcetto is the most typical of the varietals grown in Piedmont. With its own grapes, Tenuta Carretta makes a wine as pleasant and drinkable as an “everyday wine” for convivial occasions should be.

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  • Un giovane Nebbiolo con una trama dei tannini piacevole ed elegante.

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  • The King of Italian wines: Il Barolo DOCG. Prunotto is a historic winery that has contributed and helps to give prestige to an important territory.

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  • High wine vocation, with an intense nose and appariscenre spice and berry fruit: blackberry, licorice, chocolate, toffee, marmalades, all together in wonderful definition. The taste confirms rigorous and warm and solid compatto.incipit, rich and elegant, with incisive tannins but perfect. A wine symbol of Italy in the world.

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  • Nebbiolo with a small percentage of Barbera, this red of Tenuta Carretta is harmonious and elegant, like the best Piedmontese wines. As a good Nebbiolo, it goes well with meat dishes.

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  • A splendid Nebbiolo born from the Monguglielmo hill. Great vine that with its elegance lends itself to many occasions.

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  • In a land of great wines and great winemakers, our Diego Conterno emerges with its limited production and an excellent quality / price ratio.

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  • Each hill, each vineyard even, produces its own particular “Dolcetto”, whose characteristics are well differentiated and easily recognizable. It is thanks to the particular composition of the soil in our Langhe district, rich in mineral salts, that the Dolcetto produced in these areas, as well as boasting a remarkable structure, which Sordo is able to interpret perfectly.

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  • The Barbera varietal first appeared on the hillsides of the Langhe in the early 900’s, at a time when the entire region was engaged in the difficult reconstruction of the vineyards destroyed by the phylloxera aphid. Owing to its rustic nature, it has adapted well to the environment and the particular soil composition of the area.

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  • World famous for centuries, this noble descendent of the Nebbiolo varietal is historically associated with the Italian Risorgimento. An austere, generous and age-worthy wine rightly considered to be the pride of the Italian wine-making tradition. A vineyard of exceptional value set in one of the most prestigious areas of the small hamlet of Perno in the municipal district of Monforte d’Alba.

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