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  • Each hill, each vineyard even, produces its own particular “Dolcetto”, whose characteristics are well differentiated and easily recognizable. It is thanks to the particular composition of the soil in our Langhe district, rich in mineral salts, that the Dolcetto produced in these areas, as well as boasting a remarkable structure, which Sordo is able to interpret perfectly.

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  • The Barbera varietal first appeared on the hillsides of the Langhe in the early 900’s, at a time when the entire region was engaged in the difficult reconstruction of the vineyards destroyed by the phylloxera aphid. Owing to its rustic nature, it has adapted well to the environment and the particular soil composition of the area.

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  • The land where the Tenuta Prunotto is charming and engaging not only for the scenery, the colors and the "silence" it offers, but also for its historical remains and traditions that characterize it.

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  • The Barolo del Comune di Monforte d'Alba vintage 2016 by Diego Conterno is a wine made of a garnet red color with orange reflections, and a fragrant bouquet of rose and orange peel. In the mouth it's full, round, with good body and pleasant freshness. An excellent red to be savored with taste on the right occasion.

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  • Emanuela is a Barbera del Monferrato produced by the Castello di Uviglie farm. The color is an intense red, and the nose aromas of red pulp fruit are accompanied by aromatic notes and aromas of wild blackberries. In the mouth it's fresh and pleasantly sparkling.

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  • Gattinara has been produced by the Travaglini winery since the 1950s on the rocky hills at the foot of Monte Rosa. The color is the typical intense garnet, while the bouquet is characterized by delicate spicy notes combined with a strong minerality, typical of the terroir of origin. In the mouth it's enjoable, full-bodied and pleasantly persistent.

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  • The Gattinara Riserva is produced in the best years and ages for 4 years in Slavonian oak barrels. The color is intense garnet, delicate spicy notes and a strong minerality prevail on the nose, thanks to the particular and rich composition of the land on the slopes of Monte Rosa. In the mouth it is fresh, persistent with pleasant aromas of cherry, rose and licorice, with a good tannic consistency.

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  • Gattinara Tre Vigne Travaglini is obtained from Nebbiolo grapes vinified in purity and only in the best vintages such as 2015. The color is an intense garnet red, while fruity hints of plum jam and tamarind stand out on the nose. On the palate it has a good body, with a savory and fresh finish.

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  • Dosset was born with the intent on the part of Ferdinando Principiano to obtain a light wine that is consumed daily. Vinified with 100% Dolcetto grapes, it has a ruby ​​red color and a fruity bouquet. On the palate it has a pleasant and fresh taste, and a bitter and persistent finish. An easy-drinking red that is ideal with meat based dishes.

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  • Dolcetto is the most typical of the varietals grown in Piedmont. With its own grapes, Tenuta Carretta makes a wine as pleasant and drinkable as an “everyday wine” for convivial occasions should be.

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  • Monleale Vigneti Massa is a red wine made from 100% Barbera grapes. Its fresh and elegant taste is inscribed in the name of Colli Tortonesi DOC; a large bottle with a Piedmontese character.

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  • Bruno Rocca's Barbaresco is vinified alone with the youngest Nebbiolo grapes grown in Nieve. Ruby red color with garnet reflections, the nose prevails hints of black fruit such as blackberry, plum and black cherry, which are accompanied by the slightly faded floral notes of violet, rose and spices. The taste is elegant, full, with a long and persistent finish and a slight hint of cocoa.

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