San Giovenale

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  • Red label Habemus San Giovenale is a highly successful organic red, as well as included in the top 100 Italian wines. Rich, broad, concentrated and voluminous, with great character and structure, to be tried at least once in a lifetime.

    88,52 €
  • Rosso San Giovenale is a wine with a strong personality, identifiable in the power of the fruit. With its scents of wild berries in syrup or in alcohol and the sweet notes of withering alongside the woody spiciness, in a warm, pleasant direct body and the caressing tannins that unite the San Giovenale labels.

    35,98 €
  • Habemus San Giovenale is a solid reality, a point of arrival and departure for the quality wine of the entire Lazio region, round and impenetrable, with a velvety and caressing tactility. An excellence recognized by all sector critics. not just a sensory experience of a great level, but a new story, a pioneering action.

    50,82 €