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  • The Rosé Metodo Classico is obtained from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes grown in the vineyards of the Cembra Valley in Trentino of the Corvée winery. The color is a salmon pink, close to antique pink, while the bouquet is particularly delicate with hints of red currant and wild strawberry. The taste is rich, accompanied by aromas of almond, pastries and coconut, and has a fresh acidity.

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  • Lagrein Rosé Tramin is an excellent rosé, which has obtained several awards, the result of the vinification of Lagrein grapes in purity and the perfect balance of mineral scents and good acidity.

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  • Quaràs is the name of the French captain who led the Napoleonic troops in the assault on the Segonzano castle. The temperature variations, the deep, fertile soils, well equipped with clay, characterize this austere Chardonnay. The aromas of yellow fruit, pineapple and orange peel blend harmoniously with the sweet aroma of caramel, "toffy" and hazelnut. A fresh acidity reveals its Alpine origin.

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  • With the right combination of aromatic richness and gustatory persistence, this Sauvignon has a delicate scent of elderflower, lychee, mango and exotic fruit in general. Drinkable, fresh, almost thirst-quenching, it has a genuine and decisive personality typical of the mountains.

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  • Viàch is a Müller Thurgau that ripens with the sun at midday. The vineyard is a hymn to peasant ingenuity and tenacity. Retrieved with a club and pickaxe from the mountain is a continuum of terraces and dry stone walls that follow the twisted course of the ridge.

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  • The T Cuvée Rosé from the Tramin winery is a rosé with a deep and luminous color, with a fragrant bouquet of strawberries and raspberries. In the mouth it's light, pleasant, with a freshness that caresses the palate. An ideal wine in the summer season in combination with a rich and tasty appetizer.

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  • The Brut Roseé Metodo Classico of the Opera winery shows an abundant foam, a very fine perlage, and an antique pink color. On the nose the fruity notes of black currant, blackberry, raspberry and wild strawberry prevail, typical of Pinot Noir. In the mouth it's fresh, with good aromatic complexity and an aftertaste of yeast combined with the varietal characteristics of Chardonnay.

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  • Junker is the Classic Method Rosè from the Gilfenstein winery made from Pinot Noir grapes. A wine that breaks the mold, with a fruity and floral fragrant bouquet and a taste that fills the palate with intriguing sensations, in balance between freshness and minerality.

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  • Rosé Rosa is the Classic Method sparkling wine by Villa Rinaldi, which can never be missing from the collection of those who love Pinot Noir vinified in purity. the perfume is a harmony of fruity notes between wild strawberries, currants, raspberries and the incomparable touch of rosehip. On the palate it's soft and delicate, strong with that femininity that characterizes its elegance.

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  • Giulio Ferrari Rosé from the Ferrari winery's reserve line is the expression of excellence among the Made in Italy rosé bubbles. It is a TRENTODOC produced with a careful selection of Pinot Noir grapes and a small dose of Chardonnay, award-winning and acclaimed throughout the world of wine. It takes 12 long years of waiting but it is definitely worth them all.

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  • The term +4 signifies the multiple meanings of this wine. The number first refers to its production protocol, which requires a minimum of 28 months sur lie, or 4 months more than the official production code.

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  • This Trento DOC millesimato is a vintage-dated wine from hand-picked Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes that matures sur lie a minimum of 24 months, with the Pinot Noir fermented in a white-wine style. Charming, versatile and suitable for many occasions.

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