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  • A regal, important wine with great structure, elegant and velvety. Prized for the method and the sensations it bestows on whoever drinks it.

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  • The Valpolicella Ripasso of the Bertani winery is so called because the fresh Valpolicella of the vintage is left to referment on the sweet skins of Amarone, hence the second fermentation or "ripasso". It's a red with an intense color with violet reflections, and a bouquet of blackberry, black currant and ripe cherry. In the mouth it's warm and pleasantly fresh with aromas of chocolate and black cherry.

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  • The Cabernet Sauvignon S.Cristina of the Zenato winery is produced in the vineyards of Peschiera del Garda from grapes for 85% Cabernet Sauvignon and 15% Cabernet Franc. The color is a bright and intense red, while the bouquet is complex, with notes of red fruit, ripe fruit, jam with hints of vanilla, spices up to slight herbal hints. In the mouth it is dry and with soft and velvety tannins.

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  • The territories of Valpolicella and Lugana are rich in native vines of great value and rarity. For this reason Zenato decided to make the most of the purity of some vines, first of all Cresasso, to create a prestigious collection of wines, absolutely out of the ordinary.

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  • "We don't have to invent anything, nature suggests everything. We just need to know how to listen to it and know how to respect it", with these words Dal Forno summarizes their work and it is found in the richness and complexity Dal Forno's  Amarone.

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  • Amarone della Valpolicella is a Veneto red with pleasant fruity aromas of the Quintarelli's winery. An excellent wine for meditation or to be savored with exquisite meat dishes.

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  • Amarone Riserva “Sergio Zenato” is produced only in excellent vintages, from a selection of grapes Corvina, Rondinella, Oseleta, and Croatina coming from the oldest vineyards in Costalunga estate in Sant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella. The particular low yields have led to a wine of great concentration, with aroma of vanilla and fruits, an intense and long lasting taste.

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  • Valpolicella DOC Classico Superiore by Zenato is produced with Corvina, Rondinella and Corvinone grapes grown in the S.Ambrogio di Valpolicella vineyard, belonging to the five municipalities of the Classic Valpolicella. It's a full-bodied, fragrant and structured wine, the pleasant flavor of which refers to the richness of the land on which it is grown. Ideal with pasta dishes, roasted or grilled red meats.

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  • La degustazione dei vini Sansonina comprende più bottiglie della prestigiosa cantina a un prezzo speciale: un'ottima occasione per farne scorta e risparmiare! Di seguito i vini nella confezione.

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  • A wine emblem of a territory, a cellar, a style. Ripassa Zenato, with its complex and fascinating bouquet, gives interesting sensations in the cold winter evenings. The Ripassa is one of the most significant wines of our wine evolution.

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  • 1964-2014: fifty years of CAMPOFIORIN.On September 30, 1964, the first harvest of Campofiorin began in the rolling hills of Verona. This wine has therefore turned fifty and has marked the history of Valpolicella, becoming one of the most loved classics of the Italian tradition in the world.

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  • Giuseppe Quintarelli's Valpolicella Classico Superiore is one of those bottles to be jealously kept in the cellar for special occasions. The aromas of wild herbs and fruit jam are felt in all their typical intensity. The flavor is full-bodied and structured with a mineral aftertaste that conquers the palate.

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