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  • L'Implicito Vigneti Massa is a straightforward, juicy and enjoyable daily wine, created to accompany moments of conviviality, without forgetting the quality of a wine that makes simplicity a merit and a flag.

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  • Terra Libertà is Walter Massa's rosé born from the brilliant mind of the Master of Piedmontese oenology. With this wine he want to affirm the freedom to skillfully mix white and red grapes, and to be free to drink when desired. A rosé that breaks all the rules and establishes itself as an excellent wine by one of the most innovative and anarchist winemakers of Piedmont.

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  • The Piccolo Derthona Terra by Vigneti Massa is the version born from the younger vineyards of Timorasso, a Piedmontese native vine from Tortonese area that Walter Massa has helped to rediscover with its high quality production. Excellent with fish dishes but also goes well with white meat and aged cheeses.

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  • The Anarchia Costituzionale is the partially fermented must most loved by those who love wine. Nice pleasant and balanced dessert and do not forget that the signature is by Walter Massa.

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  • Monleale Vigneti Massa is a red wine made from 100% Barbera grapes. Its fresh and elegant taste is inscribed in the name of Colli Tortonesi DOC; a large bottle with a Piedmontese character.

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  • Costa del Vento Vigneti Massa is among the most excellent white wines of Piedmont, of great complexity. Its organoleptic characteristics are linked to the quality of its grapes, those of Timorasso, the historic grape variety of Piedmont once again on the scene among the great natives. Costa del Vento offers a fresh and intense taste experience.

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  • Timorasso is a vine native to the province of Alessandria, a quality white grape, primarily cultivated in the Curone, Grue, Ossona and Val Borbera, in an area where the vine is a valuable habitat due to the terrain, the long sunshine and the position sheltered from the winds.

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