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  • This is a splendid blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet and Merlot grown in the vineyards of Tenuta Podernovo, which lies in the heart of the hills near Pisa and is owned by the Lunelli family. The property is currently being converted to organic farming methods. It has a luminous ruby red colour.

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  • Sabatini Barrels Gin has a round and delicate scent, surprising with its intense fresh notes that recall the scents of Tuscany and freshly picked grapes. On the palate it is full, the woody aftertaste gives it depth and importance, with notes of liquorice and wild fennel. It has an amber color with golden reflections.

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  • Poggio Alle Nane by Le Mortelle is an intense and raw wine, at sight it has a ruby ​​red color with violet reflections, on the nose the bouquet opens with hints of ripe fruit, in particular currants and blackberries, accompanied by coffee, paprika sweet and liquorice, there are also floral notes of lavender and Mediterranean herbs. On the palate it is a wine with dense tannins.

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  • The Icon bar produced by Cecilia Rabassi is the most prized and noble extra dark product of the Atelier born from the most refined cocoa bean in Peru and thanks to the long experience the Maitre embodies in this bar the originality, simplicity and elegance of cocoa. Icon has hints of wooden scotch barrels, tree sap, truffle and toasted wheat bread.

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  • The Myway bar produced by Cecilia Rabassi is the invention of making a new type of chocolate, the Myway bar by Cecilia Rabassi has hints of pine and pine cones, has a strong, persistent and elegant taste, an eighty percent extra dark product . Myway by Cecilia Rabassi is the tablet where all her thirty years of experience is contained.

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  • The Weekend 70% Cecilia Rabassi bar is a chocolate that gives beautiful emotions, sensations to share. A light color highlights the quality of the Criollo used, this is how Weekend 70% Cecilia Rabassi presents itself to the eye and then a delicate aroma of toasted hazelnut and malt. A chocolate created to leave lovers of classic dark chocolate speechless.

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  • The Tomeetyou Cecilia Rabassi bar is a classic capable of surprising every time you taste it, a blend of fine cocoa that meets and mixes with the quality of Italian milk and three-lobed hazelnut. The Tomeetyou bar is a combination of pure balance between flavors and texture. Tomeetyou is the noble tablet produced by Cecilia Rabassi.

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  • The Cecilia Rabassi Note Bar is a poem of flavours, aromas and sensations, with hints of berries, with the fresh and intense aromas of toasted cocoa that mix with the sweetness of milk. A masterpiece of contrasts, from which perfect harmony is born. For those who love to be enchanted by new sensory experiences.

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  • The Alba produced by the I Veroni winery has a straw yellow color with golden reflections, on the nose fruity hints and floral notes, rose petals and white flowers. The taste is fresh with soft tannins.

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  • Chianti Rùfina I Domi by I Veroni is a pleasant wine with red fruit and berries with a savory hints and balanced palate thanks also to the texture of tannins that make it particularly elegant.

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  • Guidalberto was born in one of the most famous wineries in the world such as Tenuta San Guido, creator of Sassicaia, from the desire to try his hand at a grape never used like Merlot and offer a younger wine. The color is a bright ruby ​​red, with a bouquet of berries, coffee and hints of Mediterranean scrub. On the palate it's full-bodied, fruity and long-lasting.

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  • Le Difese is a wine produced by Tenuta San Guido since 2003. A blend of Cabernet (70%) and Sangiovese (30%), with a ruby ​​red color and a bouquet with fruity and floral aromas. On the palate it's structured and extremely soft, with a pleasant freshness and a clean and persistent finish. An elegant red wine that enhances the flavor of a good slice of grilled meat.

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