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  • The Riesling produced by the Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt winery, is a straw yellow wine with golden reflections, the nose is expressive and generous, with evident hints of vanilla and slate. In the mouth it is intense with hints of red currant, peach and grapefruit. In the finish the mineral and acid sensation dominates.

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  • The Riesling Graacher Mosel from the Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt winery has a straw yellow color and fruity aromas of black currant. On the palate hints of fresh apple and ripe pear prevail, accompanied by notes of pomelo on the finish.

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  • Riesling Josephshöfer GG Grosses Gewächs is a sip of the history of the Moselle and its great winemaking tradition. The color is a straw yellow with golden reflections, while the nose stands out with a floral bouquet of orange blossom, jasmine, vanilla, with mineral notes in the background. In the mouth, citrus aromas prevail that envelop the palate in a sensation of rare elegance.

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  • This wine comes from the fusion of two grapes, the first coming from the Valley Riesling in the high Oltrepò, the second from the Mosel Valley in Germany. Our goal is to demonstrate the profound compatibility and harmony of two very different territories, but capable of the same results.

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