Stefano Amerighi

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Stefano Amerighi's winery is synonymous with sustainability and excellence that well repay the research he carried out in the exploitation of ancient craft techniques, based on the healthy principles of biodynamics. Coming from a historical family of winemakers, Stefano wanted to re-establish the production of wine as his ancestors did, with the crushing of grapes with feet and pruning, and all the processing of the soil, according to the phases of the moon. The wine symbol of the winery is Syrah, and the area where the vineyards are located has been carefully chosen based on the unique characteristics of the terroir near Cortona in the Poggiobello di Farneta area. From all this passion and love for wine and for what it represents, Stefano Amerighi's Syrah is born "true mirror of my grape" as he likes to say himself.

  • The Syrah 2018 by Stefano Amerighi is a unique wine that embodies the passion for viticulture and the search for ancient traditions in a glass. The color has a ruby ​​tone out of the ordinary, on the palate it is warm and structured, while the aromas of blackberries, cherries combined with cardamom, fern, tomato concentrate and juniper, frame its personality unequivocally.

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