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  • Malfy Gin Rosa is produced in Italy using Sicilian pink grapefruit peel, along with juniper, rhubarb and 5 other strictly Italian botanicals. The taste is initially juicy with fresh grapefruit, with a long finish of juniper. To be enjoyed under the Italian sunshine strictly on the rocks, with the right tonic.

    24,51 €
  • Malfy Gin with Lemon is produced in Italy using Sfusato lemon peels from the Amalfi coast, a very high quality variety typical of this wonderful zone, which together with juniper and the other 5 selected botanicals, make this gin absolutely unique. Perfect with a premium tonic and a slice of lemon.

    22,54 €
  • Malfy Gin Original is the classic dry gin produced in Italy using wild juniper berries that grows in the Alps near the Moncalieri distillery, and brought to gradation with the Monviso spring water, the purest in Italy.

    21,15 €
  • Malfy Gin con Arancia is produced in Italy with Sicilian red oranges. The explosion of orange flowers strikes the palate, joining in the end the notes of juniper in a blaze of typically Mediterranean sensations.

    22,54 €