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  • Flor de Sevilla is a new Gin that Tanqueray dedicates to the city of Seville and the thousand colors of the Andalusian city. It's obtained from Seville oranges and 4 other botanicals, hence the light amber color, and the scent of orange combined with the typical aromas of Tanqueray gin, juniper and coriander above all. On the palate it's fresh, complex and slightly sweet recalling the flavor of the citrus.

    19,84 €
  • Tanqueray London Dry Gin is a great classic among gin lovers and bartenders from all over the world. Obtained from 4 botanicals without the use of citrus fruits, in the glass it's crystalline, while on the nose the aromas of juniper, balsamic and herbaceous notes prevail, and licorice root. On the palate it's dry, soft and delicate, with a pleasant vegetal finish.

    13,85 €
  • Tanqueray N ° Ten is a London Dry Gin that stands out for its elegance and complexity compared to the other labels of the famous British distillery. On the nose, citrus notes prevail together with the inevitable juniper, present but more delicate, and licorice. On the palate it's sharp, with hints of spices, lime, angelica, camonilla, juniper, which make it persistent and slightly sweet.

    23,44 €