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  • Sarpa Oro di Poli is the barricade Grappa, aged in French oak barrels in the cellars of the Poli Distillery where it refines its complex and complex flavor of exotic fruit, cedar, licorice and vanilla.

    18,20 €
  • Sarpa is in the Venetian dialect the pomace, the raw material from which grappa is obtained. Sarpa di Poli is dedicated to the vines characterized by a floral and slightly herbaceous aroma. It represents a bridge between past and future, which embodies the spirit and evolution of the Poli distillery.

    16,50 €
  • Vaca Mora is the bitterness of the Poli distilleries obtained by infusion in grappa and alcohol of aromatic herbs, with a spicy aroma and a live hint of mint. It's an excellent digestive with a long tradition in the Vicenza area.

    12,90 €
  • The Torchio d'Oro Grappa, jealously kept in the cellars of the Poli distillery, is an artisanal distillate produced in small batches and obtained from Torcolato pomace with a typically fruity, woody and particularly persistent aroma on the palate.

    43,00 €
  • Due Barili is the Poli grappa born from a blend of prosecco grappa and pomace with a floral aroma, aged in two types of different barrels, two years in French oak barrels and two years in Sherry barrels. Hence its persistent taste on the palate, and the aroma of raisins, toasted hazelnuts and chocolate.

    37,90 €
  • The Cleopatra Amarone Oro Grappa by the Poli distilleries is obtained from the marc of Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara for Amarone from Valpolicella. It's an aromatic grappa characterized by hints of fresh fruit and spices, patiently preserved in French oak barrels to which we owe the slightly roasted woody scent.

    29,70 €