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  • The Fren Taurasi DOCG Stefania Barbot is a rich, complex and warm wine with hints of plums, cherries and spicy and colonial notes of tobacco. The excellent structure is striking, enriched by an enveloping and softness that make the tasting pleasant.

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  • On Saturday Abbazia di Crapolla is a wine of a dense ruby color and not very penetrating to the nose, aromas that gradually become more complex. An unusual blend enriched by the Sabato grape, native to the Sorrento peninsula.

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  • The Nireo Abbazia di Crapolla is a "Pinot di Mare", which leaves an indelible mark in flavor and minerality, different from the usual Pinot Neri, with its own soul, with iodized sensations that surround it. Good and worth trying.

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  • The Taurasi Fatica Contadina Terredora is a complex wine, rich in aromas with a broad bouquet with clear hints of black cherries, berries, plums. A perfect wine to enrich traditional Italian meat dishes.

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  • Jungano is a wine produced by the San Salvatore winery, with an intense and full ruby ​​red color, deep hints of ripe cherries and blackberries on the nose, light oriental spicy notes with some balsamic hints. In the mouth it is perfectly balanced and full, with a good body, extremely fresh and with a long and persistent finish.

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  • "There are places of identity, where time slows down and life has a different flavor", says the company in the presentation of its land and we must say that already at the first taste the wines of Agricola San Salvatore surprise those who do not know them. Ceraso, Aglianico i purity.

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  • The vineyards in Furore lie on rocks overhanging the sea of the Gulf of Amalfi. Noble wines full of history, they are the magical expression of a place of beauty beyond compare.

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  • Terra d’Eclano is a Quintodecimo Aglianico DOC, a company that in a few years has been able to create true oenological masterpieces that well represent the Campania terroir. From this careful work comes the red Terra d’Eclano, seductive and refined, with a deep structure.

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  • Vigna Quintodecimo is a fine balance of small fruits, floreal notes and spices. Seductive class and aromatic intensity is complemented by savory tannins and well expressed in a profound and refined style. It is a wine of extraordinary richness and elegance that reaches its peak within the first twenty years and still retains its character for many years after.

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