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  • The Gran Reserva Solera 12 years is the label that embodies and preserves the passion of the Cihuatàn distillery for rum in the land formerly inhabited by the Maya. It's a precious bottle that won the double gold medal at the "Congreso Internacional del Ron" in 2016 in Madrid.

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  • Niktè is a limited edition rum bottled in 2019 by the Cihuatàn ditilleria. The wonderful flower festival of the Mayan civilization pays homage to "Kay Niktè" which celebrated the Moon Goddess Ixchel for a whole night with a myriad of flower petals. An explosion of fruity aromas that make it a unique bottle.

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  • Nahual Legacy Blend is the first limited edition rum produced by the Cihuatàn distillery. Each bottle is a unique piece numbered and signed by hand, and contains a blend of the best rums distilled by the skilled hand of Mastro Ronera Gabriela Ayala. The label artwork is inspired by the iconography of the Maya people, in tribute to the mythological animals called Nahual.

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  • The Cihuatan rum, unique to be produced in El Salvador, is aged with the Solera system, which helps the distillate evaporate and the aging of each barrel. The barrels used are of ex-Bourbon American oak, which ensure an ideal balance between the delicate hints of wood and the sweetness of rum.

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