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  • The Ratafià Scuppoz derives from the Latin "ut rata fiat", both ratified by the act, as it was customary to drink this liqueur based on red wine and black cherry juice to close a transaction sanctioned by a notary contract. An artisanal product with a well-structured taste in perfect balance between the taste of black cherry and the sweetness given by the wine.

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  • The Scuppoz Liquorice Liqueur is inspired by ancient customs, when descending from the mountain to the valley to the sea were the roots of liquorice, particularly sweet, given to children at a time when sweets were not within everyone's reach. It's an artisanal product based on excellent raw materials, ideal if drunk cold or frozen.

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  • The Scuppoz's Genziana delle Pecore is a very bitter liqueur with great digestive properties produced with white wine and a set of hand-cut roots. In the manufacturing process, white wine facilitates the extraction of genuine aromas from the gentian root, giving life to a complex distillate with a round taste.

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  • The Scuppoz Anice Stellato is an anise-based liqueur with high quality raw materials that outline its character, aromas and taste. It should be drunk cold, ideal with coffee or even served as an aperitif.

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  • Amaro Scuppoz della Laga is the herbal liqueur symbol of the mountain tradition of Valle Castellana in Abruzzo. An ancient recipe handed down for years from brigands to shepherds, which thanks to the founder of the company Benito Cicconi has been handed down to us until day. A unique artisan liqueur produced without dyes and preservatives, ideal to be enjoyed straight, or with ice with a lemon peel.

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