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  • Les Schistes is a Muscadet de Sèvre et Maine, a dry white wine obtained from the Melon de Bourgugne grape produced in the Loire Valley on the Atlantic side of France by the Chateau de la Ragotiere winery. Straw yellow in color. it's characterized by floral and white fruit aromas with strong mineral notes that pleasantly take advantage of the palate.

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  • Chablis is one of the best known French wines of Burgundy, and that of the Domaine Sébastien Dampt winery preserves the ancient tradition of this renowned region dedicated to viticulture. It has a straw yellow color with greenish reflections, and delicate aromas of white fruits and citrus fruits. On the palate the typical and lively acidity stands out, with pleasant mineral notes.

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  • The Cognac Selection Grande Fine Champagne of the Maison François Peyrot is a brandy with accentuated aromas of sweet spices and grape flower. It is an excellent soft distillate on the palate, characterized by an aging of at least 6 years.

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  • A Brut Réserve with a stay on the yeast of 72 months that gives the first taste the pleasantness of the toasted notes of Chardonnay and the charm of spicy notes, all surrounded by a fervent freshness that keeps drinking pleasant.

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  • Only the best vintages with the unmistakable signature of Bollinger

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  • This Calvados Hors d'Age by the Famille Dupont is a distillate of apples from the Normandy area called Pays d'Auge, among the 11 recognized typical areas where Calvados is produced, which enjoys a name of its own "Calvados du Pays d'Auge AOC ". The color is golden with coppery reflections, the nose is fresh, fruity and floral. It's a full-bodied, elegant and balanced Calvados.

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  • The Brut Millésimé by Laurent-Perrier is produced only in the best vintages, in this case 2008, expressing excellence. It has a bright yellow color, to the nose stand out floral notes and aromas of citrus and white pulp fruit. On the palate it has a persistent freshness and a pleasant minerality with a bitter orange and lemon finish. A unique Champagne for those who know how to catch the differences.

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  • Laurent-Perrier Ultra Brut Champagne is a wine with no added sugar and represents the quintessence of champagne. The color is a bright straw yellow, perfumed with strong notes of citrus and white pulp fruit, fresh on the palate. Known as "the Great Wine Without Sugar", we can say that the Ultra Brut bears witness to all the know-how held by the well-known French Maison.

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  • Champagne Brut Reserve Philippe Gonet is a champagne that in its classic being is striking for its delicacy and vivacity. Characterized by hints of fruit and citrus on the nose including pear and apple, it envelops the palate with its fresh minerality, inviting you to drink sip by sip. Ideal champagne with fish dishes.

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