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  • PN VZ16 is a Champagne Blanc de Noirs born from Pinot Noir grapes vinified in purity. A different Cru for each base year, in this case 2016. The color is a straw yellow with golden reflections. On the nose the bouquet is initially rich and complex with fruity notes of apple, rhubarb, apple quince and plum. Followed by notes of toasted hazelnut. On the palate it is very greedy and expressive characterized by exotic flavors, biscuits and notes of cooked fruit. This beautiful aromatic richness ends with a salty finish.

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  • The Bollinger suaglass is a useful and exclusive gift idea, an elegant ice bucket at the height of special occasions. This Bollinger suaglass is 1 bottle.

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  • The Bollinger stopper is the elegant stopper made by the French maison, with its own brand. Also refined as a gift idea and, above all, useful!

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  • Only the best vintages with the unmistakable signature of Bollinger

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  • Special Cuvée Bollinger is an AOC Champagne with fine perlage and extremely fresh taste due to the use of Chardonnay, Pinot nero and Pinot meunier grapes. An excellence at the height of its original cellar.

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