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  • IL Fine Ruby is a wine with a ruby ​​red color, the nose releases intense aromas of the classic Ruby aromas, with light notes of cherry and raspberry, on the palate it remains long and persistent.

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  • Muffato della Sala is a wine that comes from the vineyards of the Castello della Sala. Thanks to the late harvest to the effect of a noble rot (Botritis), at the time of fermentation the grapes are very rich in sugars and particular aromas. The result is an elegant dessert wine with a very intense bauquet.

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  • Class Dolce is a sparkling wine produced with the Martinotti Method, or Charmat, from Muscat grapes, ideal to accompany fruit and desserts. It shows a lively straw yellow, a rich, fine and persistent perlage. On the nose, hints of muscat grapes, sage and honey prevail, and in the mouth it is sweet, fresh and persistent.

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  • The Moscato d'Asti Bel Piano by Cascina Fonda farm was the first wine bottled by the winery in 1988. It has a bright straw yellow with slight green reflections, and an intense bouquet of muscat grapes, acacia flowers and lime. In the mouth it is sweet and delicate but counterbalanced by a pleasant sapidity, with references to the olfactory fruity sensations.

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  • Moscato d'Asti is the dessert wine par excellence. It has a straw yellow color and a fine and elegant perlage, while the nose is fruity and particularly persistent. In the mouth the sweetness is accompanied by an aromatic vein, with the right amount of acidity that goes well with the low alcohol content.

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  • The Santo Spirito 11 by Frescobaldi is a particularly aromatic fortified wine in which notes of honey and dried fruit stand out. Ideal paired with shortbread biscuits, dried fruit desserts and the famous Tuscan "cantuccini".

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  • Quaranta Altari is a Vinsanto del Chianti produced with grapes of the Trebbiano Toscano and Malvasia Bianca Lunga varieties, whose 2015 vintage was one of the best. The color is bright gold with amber reflections, while the bouquet is complex with hints of dried fruit and honey, combined with notes of cinnamon and nutmeg. On the palate it's warm, soft and pleasantly sweet and fresh at the right point.

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  • Barolo Chinato is a flavored wine produced from a Barolo base with the addition of sugar, ethyl alcohol and a range of spices. Intense ruby ​​red color, and bouquet characterized by balsamic notes of cinchona, gentian, rhubarb. In the mouth it's soft and warm, with a hint of bitterness and a pleasant final persistence.

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  • Rigoletto is a passito wine made from Trebbiano di Lugana grapes grown on the S.Cristina estate. It has a lively golden yellow color, with an intense bouquet of floral notes, beeswax and hints of vanilla. On the palate it has a good body, with a good aromatic persistence expressed by sweet aromas of acacia honey.

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  • Muffo is a pure passito Grechettto from the Umbrico and Mecone vineyards of the Sergio Mottura estate, where the climate favors the creation of noble molds, hence the name. The color is crystalline with golden and amber reflections, an intense and broad scent of candied citrus, yellow flowers and fruit. On the palate it's savory and fresh, with buttery and honeyed notes that outline its pleasant complexity.

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  • Tre Filer is a wine from Ca 'dei Frati sweet overripe grapes in perfect balance between sweetness, flavor and acidity. Aromas of dried fruit and honey stand out on the nose. In the mouth it's fragrant, with the acidity of the Turbiana grape to make it unique, despite the sweet aftertaste that characterizes it. Ideal with blue cheeses and dry pastries.

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  • Auslese Cuvée is a sweet wine from the historic Austrian cellar Kracher, which presents itself to the eye with a straw yellow color of great intensity, while on the nose there are aromas of banana, lychee, wildflower honey accompanied by mineral notes. On the palate it's sweet, but with freshness and flavor, as well as an aromatic complexity that refers to exotic fruit and lemon.

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