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  • The Pinot Noir Rosato Extra Brut 2018 Bortolotti is a brand new charmat method sparkling wine signed by Bruno Bortolotti which is not new in the creation of bubbles of great thickness produced with the Martinotti method. It has a beautiful pink with coppery reflections, hints of rose and spices, good structure and green fruity notes with an elegant perlage.

    31,89 €
  • Calafuria is the Tormaresca rosé with a strong personality and refined elegance. The color is a bright pink with coral reflections, a large and intense bouquet with hints of red fruit and almpone. On the palate it is fresh and savory, pleasantly intriguing and in perfect harmony between flavor and acidity.

    9,43 €
  • The Syrah Rosa by Stefano Amerighi is the interpretation of the Rosato of those who know every productive aspect of the vine of the same name to create a fascinating and true nectar. A beautiful coral pink color that contains hints of small red fruits and a very slight spiciness.

    28,28 €
  • The Cuvée Zero Rosé Cascina Chicco is a pleasant and fascinating sparkling wine with notes of raspberry and violet. On the palate it is decidedly savory with a good length, vibrant and stimulating that invites a new taste.

    12,95 €
  • Matt Kleberg's Tramari is the summer 2022 limited edition of Tramari San Marzano, the result of the new Cantina project that honors visual art by having the Tramari label designed by contemporary artists.

    10,25 €
  • The sparkling rosé wine “Luna del Casale” represents the symphony of scents of a Spring day. Freshness and refinement blend into the remarkable taste structure.

    9,75 €
  • The Demetra Rosé Brut Nature Millesimato Mirabella Franciacorta is a bubble of a beautiful powder color with antique gold reflections and a pleasant complexity with hints of grapefruit, toasted notes and a unique freshness and flavor.

    28,70 € -10% 31,89 €
  • The Cote de Provence By. Ott Domaines Ott * is a perfect expression of the rosé wines of Provence that fascinate with hints of peach and a tantalizing liveliness that take you to the "good season" with images of the sea and beaches. A balanced wine with good acidity that gives freshness and invites to drink.

    17,13 €
  • Lagrein Rosé Tramin is an excellent rosé, which has obtained several awards, the result of the vinification of Lagrein grapes in purity and the perfect balance of mineral scents and good acidity.

    8,11 €
  • Rockrose Lechburg is an elegant and discreet rosé, with well-defined acidity and refreshing strawberry aromas

    13,03 €
  • Belstar Cuvée Rosé Bisol is a quality sparkling wine, suitable for the most refined and at the same time more informal occasions. Charming and with a great personality, from the name which, by definition, means "feeling good", lifestyle and the pleasantness of life, accompanied by great drinkability, which give the scope of how this sparkling wine is ideal for a cheerful evening.

    6,56 €
  • Vintage rosé obtained from the matchless Pinot Noir vineyards owned by the family Lunelli. Dedicated to true connoisseurs.

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