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  • Chardonnay Alberta Ferretti is part of the Grandi Stilisti collection by Feudo del Pisciotto, and the label designed by the Italian stylist well represents the international character of the grape. The color is a warm straw yellow, while the typical fruity notes of yellow peach and pineapple stand out on the nose. On the palate it is fresh and with a pleasant and persistent savory finish.

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  • The Grillo vinified in purity from the Grande Stilisti collection by Feudi del Pisciotto is among the Sicilian indigenous varieties that currently enjoy greater appreciation. The stylist Carolina Marengo with her label enhances its sensuality, which we find in the golden color, in the aromas of apple and pear on the nose, and in its fresh and balsamic taste.

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  • The Timeo is the Grillo vinified in purity by the Baglio di Pianetto winery on the estate of the Palermo countryside, and whose name is inspired by Plato's namesake. It has a straw yellow color with golden reflections, a bouquet of white flowers, exotic fruit, coffee and roasted cocoa. In the mouth it's fresh, balanced, persistent with a pleasant minerality that seduces the palate.

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  • The Insolia vinified in purity by the Baglio di Pianetto winery is an organic wine produced in the Palermo countryside, with a straw yellow color and the intense aromas typical of this indigenous grape variety, which tend towards exotic hints. In the mouth it has a good body, intense and harmonious, with a persistent finish that envelops the palate.

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  • Lalùci refers us to the Light (in Sicilian La Lùci) which reveals the essence of things as they are. This is the Grillo in purity as it must be from the Baglio del Cristo di Montebello winery. Bright straw yellow color and bouquet of yellow and white flowers that veer towards mineral notes followed by citrus and fruity aromas of yellow peach, pear and green apple. On the palate it's full and rich.

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  • Laudàri is the pure Chardonnay from the Baglio del Cristo di Campobello winery. A wine to praise as Sicilian first and then Chardonnay. A white in its clear purity that is revealed in the colors of the Sicilian terroir. Straw color and aromas of citrus and flowers, fruity notes of mango and yellow plum on a vanilla background. On the palate it's soft, full, sweet in its delicate fragrance

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  • C'D'C 'Cristo di Campobello in the white version reveals the actuality of a Sicily told in its clear clarity. A blend of Grillo, Chardonnay, Inzolia, Catarratto with a straw yellow color and a fragrant bouquet of yellow flowers, white melon and apple. On the palate it's fresh, savory, with good balance and fruity, citrus returns, with a spicy finish of Mediterranean herbs.

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  • Adènzia Bianco is produced by the Baglio del Cristo di Campobello winery in Agrigento, made from Grillo and Insolia grapes. Straw yellow wine with a bouquet perfumed by citrus notes, white peach, medlar and pineapple. In the mouth, fruity aromas stand out that refresh the palate, in a balance between acidity and flavor that ensure the wine a long life.

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  • Accordo celebrates the harmony between smell and taste preserved in an organic wine from Sauvignon grapes vinified in purity. The color is a straw yellow with greenish reflections, while the balance stands out between fruity and floral hints at the base of the name. In the mouth there is an agreement between aromas and structure, fruity flavor with a good acidity that refreshes the palate.

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  • Bianco di Dama is a blend of two native Sicilian varieties Grecanico and Catarratto, a tribute to woman and the poetry of the earth. A straw yellow wine with golden reflections, and a bouquet of white flowers and exotic fruits. On the palate the perfect balance between taste and freshness is appreciable. A white that evokes the harmony of the senses.

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  • Ficuzza estate is 189 hectares, with heavy clayey soil, 60 micro-areas, 70% white, 30% red, 700 metres above sea level. The astonishing beauty of an unexpected Sicily located only a few kilometres from Piana degli Albanesi. The altitude is the unique feature of Ficuzza, ensuring dramatic temperature variation both between day and night and between the summer heat and the winter snows.

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  • Fiano grapes coming from limestone and clay soils that contribute to enhance the aromatic markers maquis typical of this grape variety.

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