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  • Aberlour 18 years is a golden colored whisky, the nose is complex and fragrant, with hints of the typical Anglo-Saxon toffe, ripe peach and bitter orange. On the palate it has a full and warm taste, at first the fruity notes stand out while on the long and persistent finish the spicy ones prevail.

    58,40 €
  • The 12-year-old Aberlour is a Single Malt Scotch Whiskey aged with double ripening, first in traditional oak barrels, and then in matured Sherry barrels, to which we owe that typical sweetly fruity aroma, balanced with hints of chocolate and a warm finish and persistent.

    34,70 €
  • The 7-year Provenance Scotch whisky of the Aberlour distilleries is a single malt of 46% alcohol by volume, with the scent of honey and vanilla, sweet on the palate with hints of marzipan and walnut, orange on the finish.

    70,00 €