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  • The Gin Sloe of the Swedish Hernö distilleries is produced from the same distillate as the Hernö London Dry Gin but with the addition of organic plum berries and local honey after distillation. The result is a sweet and balanced gin signed by the award-winning Swedish distillery.

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  • Juniper Cask is the first gin in the world to mature in juniper wood casks. This is the peculiarity of yet another excellent distillate by the Swedish Hernö of Jon Hilgren. On the palate the scent of juniper is strong, accompanied by aromas of herbs and black pepper, which on the long and persistent finish are accompanied by floral and citrus notes.

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  • The Navy Strength Gin from the Hernö Swedish distillery is an artisan gin of excellent workmanship as is the tradition of the award-winning house founded by Jon Hilgren. The scent of juniper is very strong and decisive, while on the palate the floral and citrus notes stand out leaving a pleasant sensation of warmth and a long but soft finish. One of those gins that sipped smooth, surprises and satisfies.

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  • The Old Tom Gin from the Swedish distilleries Hernö is produced from the same distillate as Hernö London Dry Gin but with an extra amount of Meadowsweet and honey added in the distillation. Hence the marked floral notes that characterize it, and the great intensity and persistence on the palate, that make it one of the most awarded gins in the world.

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  • The London Dry Gin from the Swedish Hernö distillery is an artisanal award-winning distillate produced by 8 botanicals all certified organic including juniper, cassia, cranberries, black pepper and vanilla. The result is a pleasant gin to drink even smooth, with aromas of juniper and lemon on the nose, fresh and crunchy on the palate, with a spicy note of coriander.

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