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  • Mazzetti d'Altavilla celebrates 100 years of the famous Negroni cocktail with a special recipe based on Bitter, Gin and Amaro Gentile all rigorously Mazzetti, wishing you 100 of these Negroni.

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  • Gin & Tonic ForEver is the package born from the creativity of Mazzetti d'Altavilla for lovers of long drinks with a fine palate, who will be able to combine Gin with the botanicals of Piedmont, two qualities of tonic water. Tell me what tonic water you want and I'll tell you who you are.

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  • The Decant'art Vermeer Mazzetti d'Altavilla is inspired by the famous 17th century painting "The Girl with the Turban" by the Dutch painter Jan Vermeer, which well represents the characteristics of the Moscato Grappa it contains. It's a particularly aromatic but balanced grappa, with marked hints of wild flowers, grass and plums.

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  • The Decanter in a casket contains the Barolo Grappa from the Mazzetti d'Altavilla distilleries, characterized by a marked floral aroma, notes of sage, violet and peach. A precious box containing the flavors of Piedmont.

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  • Oro di Mazzetti is a liquor based on Grappa di Moscato enriched with flakes of real 23 carat gold. With a low alcohol content and pleasant softness on the palate, the Gold of Mazzetti has contributed to ennoble the image of Made in Italy distillate. Much appreciated in the summer accompanied with a fruit salad, an ice cream or mixed in an original way.

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  • In the Acquavite di Vino you need patience and a lot of courage. In this case, 20 years of aging in the Barricaia of the company at controlled temperatures, and in a highly poetic context, make this distillate special and strongly aromatic.

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  • The Grappa Riserva 18.46 owes its name to the over 18 months of aging in battery no. 46, as well as 1846 is the year in which the Mazzetti d'Altavilla distilleries were founded. The pomace used is made from Barbera and Dolcetto grapes, and the careful selection of woods for aging gives this grappa a rich flavor.

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  • The Grappa Riserva Incanto comes from the pomace of Nebbiolo da Barbaresco, and has a fine taste with sweet notes of honey that make it particularly balanced.

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  • The Grappa Riserva Alba was born from the desire of the Mazzetti distillery d'Altavilla to tell the noble vines that have strongly characterized the Piedmontese territory, and to offer an excellent synthesis. And this is how the grappa long aged in barrique can be distilled from Nabbiolo and Erbaluce pomaces, capable of giving the palate intense sensations.

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  • The Grappa 1820-21 takes its name from one of the best vintages for the harvest of the Port, and it's in barrels for the aging of Portuguese wine that it refined the soft flavor of the Moscato grappa, acquiring aromatic notes of great pleasure to the palate.

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  • 1789 is the Grappa of Barolo Bourbon Finish by Mazzetti d'Altavilla inspired by the noble American whiskey of Kentucky where in 1789 the Reverend Elijah Craig gave the name Bourbon to his own whiskey. From the encounter between the pomace used for Barolo, from which the grappa is distilled, and the ex Bourbon barrels where it ages for more than 18 months, a grappa with a unique 100% Piedmontese aroma is born.

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