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The glorious history of the Maison Martell dates back to 1715 when a young Jean Martell decided to found it and start a business that will remain a family for a long time. in a short time he consolidated fame and success thanks to his own and original production method that bears his name. 300 years of history in which the great skills of master distillers have been preserved, and the knowledge refined and handed down with passion from generation to generation, successfully promoting the French Art de Vivre all over the world.

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  • VSOP Grand Extra Creation is a Maison Martell cognac obtained from a mixture of eaux-de-vie that come from the French regions of Grande Champagne and Borderies. A classy and elegant ditillate designed for connoisseurs.

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  • The VSOP XO (Extra Old) by Martell is Maison Martell's interpretation of the prestigious terroir of Grande Champagne in harmony with the elegance of the rare Borderies crus, with its clayey soils under the influence of the Ocean. The result is a Cognac with a great charisma that well represents the 300 years of history of the Maison Martell.

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  • VSOP Aged in Red Barrels Martell is the most famous cognac of Maison Martel, aged in selected barrels, in perfect harmony between succulent fruits and woody influences. It has an intense copper color with golden reflections, aromas of ripe yellow fruit, peach, apricot, a well-balanced flavor between fruity notes and woody and spicy scents. All to be enjoyed straight or with ice.

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