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  • Oudeis Rosé from the Enrico Serafino winery is a product with a bright pink color and a fine and persistent perlage. The nose is broad, crunchy and elegant, with hints of strawberry and currant, which are mixed with notes of cotton candy and bread crust. In the mouth it is extremely fruity and dry, with a perfect nose-palate balance. The finish is long and pleasantly mineral.

    28,61 €
  • Oudeis from the Enrico Serafino winery is a straw yellow colored product with golden reflections, with a fine and persistent perlage. The nose is complex, attractive and delicate, with hints of yellow flowers, white pulp fruit, bread crust and minerals. In the mouth it is complex and dry, elegant and intense, with a rich structure and a long and mineral aftertaste.

    24,51 €
  • The latest addition to the Cincinnato family, the Bombo rosé is a good black with "bottom". Bombo Rosé Cincinnato is difficult to find as it is only present in restaurants. Bombo Rosato is a sparkling wine produced from organic Nero Buono grapes; It presents an intriguing and engaging nose with hints of cherry and raspberry. A delicate and light palate with good acidity and soft foam.

    11,39 €
  • Last born in the Cincinnato family, the Bombo is a Bellone with "bottom". The white Cincinnato bumblebee is difficult to find as it is only present in restaurants. Produced with organically grown Bellone grapes, it has a deep opalescent yellow with a complex bouquet of ripe citrus fruits, tropical fruit and bread. Good acidity and savory notes on the palate.

    11,39 €
  • Opera Blanc Brut Nature is a Trento DOC aged for over 60 months on the yeasts. A light straw yellow color with greenish reflections herald floral and spicy notes of violet and cardamom and fruity hints of elderberries and quince.

    31,07 €
  • Opera Noir is a very elegant Trento DOC, fine with hints of fresh red fruit and dog rose. The perlgae is fine and persistent with a pleasant, clear palate and good pleasantness and minerality.

    32,70 €
  • Trento DOC Corvée Nature is a sparkling wine with good structure and elegance that pairs perfectly with cured meats and is ideal for elaborate aperitifs. Subtle hints of yellow fruit, bread crust and dried fruit on the palate, fresh with good acidity.

    17,95 €
  • The Brut produced by the Monsnel winery is a straw yellow Franciacorta with golden reflections, the nose is fresh and elegant, rich in fruity and floral scents, in the mouth it is pleasantly soft and refreshing, with excellent balance and character, the finish long and fine.

    22,87 €
  • The Brut Rosé Aqua by Venus Cuvée is a VSQ Quality Sparkling Wine produced by Tenute Ruffino. It has a pale pink color, the nose expresses delicate notes of red fruits, accompanied by hints of citrus peel and violet flowers. In the mouth it is fine and fresh, and has an intense floral finish.

    15,49 €
  • Estasi in Sinfonia, it is a more unique than rare Classic Method Brut, an unusual and fascinating bubble. It has a golden yellow color with light luminous reflections, the nose expresses citrus notes of dried fruit, dates and figs. In the mouth it is full and Mediterranean, of great balance and with a fresh and mineral finish.

    21,23 €
  • The Grand Reserve Premier Cru produced by the Vilmart Company is a Champagne with great balance and maturity. At sight it has a pale yellow color and a fine and persistent perlage. the nose is elegant and delicate with the well-known characteristics of bread crust accompanied by hints of pear and peach. On the palate it is perfectly balanced and its finish is long and persistent.

    43,85 €
  • Brut Rosé Majolini is a balanced sparkling wine, perfect for an aperitif. The Franciacorta DOCG denomination increases the quality of this Lombard sparkling wine.

    20,98 €