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  • 11 Filari Primitivo di Manduria is a wine produced by the San Marzano winery, it has an intense ruby ​​red color with collapsed reflections, the nose is very fruity with hints of cherry accompanied by decidedly spicy notes, in the barrel it is decisive and roundness of and endowed with a long finish.

    14,34 €
  • The Suaglass Tramari San Marzano is a useful and exclusive gift idea, an elegant ice bucket suitable for special occasions. This Suaglass Tramari San Marzano is 1 bottle.

    20,49 €
  • The Suaglass San Marzano is a useful and exclusive gift idea, an elegant ice bucket suitable for special occasions. This Suaglass San Marzano is 1 bottle.

    20,49 €
  • Susco produced by the San Marzano winery is a wine with a dark ruby ​​red color, its high density immediately stands out at the sight, the nose opens with a strong floral scent of cherries, blackberries in jam, sweet spices and aromatic herbs. In the mouth it is full and enveloping, decidedly fresh and delicately tannic with a long and persistent finish.

    13,85 €
  • The white wine Edda IGP Salento is a pilgrim yellow wine with golden reflections, mellow floral hints of citrus and then the delicate vanilla pervades the nose.

    11,43 €
  • A symbolic wine to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the San Marzano Winery, one of the most representative of Puglia; primitivo and negroamaro grapes for an enveloping warm wine.

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  • The Primitivo di Manduria Riserva Anniversario 62 it's a Primitivo di Manduria Riserva of activity produced by San Marzano winery located in Puglia in the towns of San Marzano and Sava. It's produced with only Primitivo grapes and has an intense ruby ​​red color, aromas of plum, cherry accompanied by spicy notes of tobacco. It's full-bodied and structured, ideal with red meats and game.

    22,54 €
  • Negroamaro Talò is a full-bodied Apulian red with a velvety taste from the San Marzano winery. A Salento IGP that combines territory and tradition, and gives the palate a surprising taste experience.

    8,11 €
  • Tramari San Marzano is a rosé of Puglia wine with a fresh and elegant taste. A Rosé Salento IGT suitable for delicate but tasty fish dishes.

    8,11 €
  • Primitivo di Manduria Seaant'anni from grapes originating from old vines and, together with the Es by Gianfranco Fino, represents the maximum expression of the territory. Wide aroma and great complexity characterize this wine for lovers of elegantly structured wines.

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  • The Talò of San Marzano line is completed with the black Malvasia di Brindisi, a vine that is little known but has beautiful characteristics combined with grilled meats.

    7,13 €
  • Salice Salentino Talò is a robust and fresh Apulian red, signed by San Marzano. A DOP wine perfect to combine with robust dishes thanks to its long-lasting organoleptic properties.

    6,97 €